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When Did (Or Will) Your Looks Peak?

I came across an interesting infographic BuzzFeed published yesterday with the title “Men Believe Female Beauty Peaks At Age 29.” The infographic includes interesting age-related beauty factoids and survey results in addition to the obviously-designed-for-bait post title, so I thought it would be worth a mention here.


As mentioned previously on this blog, I probably looked my best when I was 20-21 years of age. However, I probably felt the best about my appearance last summer-fall, when — after having two kids just 13 months apart — I was starting to become more confident in my personhood, my abilities as a mom, and my body (as I was regularly working out). And I was 31 then: EXACTLY the age at which most women believe their beauty peaks, according to this infographic.

Whenever I ask J anything along this line, he automatically replies, “Now. You look your best now.” But I’m not too inclined to believe him because he answers too quickly and I know he’s smart enough to say anything else and potentially open a can of worms. :-P

There are two other things I found interesting about this infographic, and the first is the word most commonly associated with gray hair. I had never even considered this, but it’s so true! (And so unfair!)

The second is the role models each sex chose for aging gracefully. While I agree that both choices are fantastic, I personally would’ve picked Helen Mirren. (Especially after reading this story — she becomes more lovable with each piece I read about her!)

What do you guys think? When do you believe your looks peaked? (Or will peak?) Do you have any other thoughts about the infographic?