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The Pixar Theory

Internet nerd John Negroni has blown my mind.

While the idea that all Pixar movies exist within the same universe isn’t entirely new, he has taken it a step further and postulated The Pixar Theory: a detailed proposition that all Pixar characters are part of the same universe, backed up by a believable timeline that incorporates all the movies into one narrative.


The first movie in the timeline is Brave, which he points out provides an explanation for animals and inanimate objects that talk.

Centuries later, the animals from Brave that have been experimented on by the witch have interbred, creating a large-scale population of animals slowly gaining personification and intelligence on their own. There are two progressions: the progression of the animals and the progression of artificial intelligence. The events of the following movies set up a power struggle between humans, animals, and machines.

Following Brave, Negroni presents a stage for all-out war in regards to animals set by RatatouilleUp, and Finding Nemo, in that order.

The A.I. portion starts with The Incredibles, then progresses to the Toy Story movies, CarsWall-E, and Cars 2 (again, in that order). And since there are no humans left on planet Earth, A Bug’s Life thus becomes a post-apocalyptic film.  :-o

Time progresses, and the final movie in the timeline is introduced:

Humanity, machines, and animals grow in harmony to the point where a new super species is born. Monsters. The monsters civilization is actually Earth in the incredibly distant future. . . .

In Monsters Inc., they have an energy crisis because they are in a future earth without humans. Humans are the source of energy, but thanks to the machines, again, the Monsters find a way to use doors to travel to the human world. Only, it’s not different dimensions.

Wait, what? Time travel? Oh yes he went there! And he manages to take it a step further by tying Monsters, Inc. back to the movie that started it all…



This is only the very basic gist of it. You have to head over to the link to appreciate the Pixar Theory in all its glory, to read about all the little things that tie so many of the movies together (including a canceled Pixar movie that would also fit into this universe).

I think my brain just exploded from too much amazing.

Via Neatorama.