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3 Things That Make Me Feel Like an Asshole


Sometimes, it’s really, really tiring being three people’s favorite person.

Oh noes! You’re so loved! Barf.

I know. I need to get over myself.


I’m so sick of being my parents’ translator (I have been so since before I turned 10). Phone calls, meetings, letters…managing your own adult life can be tough in itself, but helping to manage my parents’ on top of mine and my children’s has been especially burdensome lately.

You have parents who are alive and well, who love and support you. Helping them with this stuff should be nothing compared to what they have done for you.

Yes, and that’s why I feel like an asshole.


The girls are napping and I know that I should tidy up and vacuum, but I can’t stop staring at these animated GIFs of bouncing Jell-O. And it feels good to be sitting on my butt, wasting time.



(via io9)

Okay, maybe I’ll give myself this one.