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My New Favorite Korean Beauty Products, Part 1

Harro! As you can probably tell by the dismal state of my blog this month, I’ve been pretty busy lately. (And when I manage to get a break, I have been zoning out in front of Netflix.) And since I get so much positive feedback about product reviews — especially ones regarding Korean beauty stuffs — I’ve decided to pop back in with some of the items I’ve been loving these days!

First up is skincare products.


From the top left, going clockwise:

Just in case you’re wondering, no I do not use every single one of these products every day. Nor do I have a specific routine I follow to the teeth. Because my skin changes slightly every day due to hormones, environmental factors, or for seemingly no reason at all, I switch out my products depending on what I may need that day. For example, if my skin feels especially stressed, I love to slather on an extra thick layer of the Honey Bomb before I go to bed. Or if it seems dull and/or uneven, I choose the su:m37 White Award products.

…I feel like I’ve rambled long enough for today. Stay tuned for part 2, which will included masks, makeup, and tools!