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I Am Vincent van Beethoven

I’ve already shared this on Facebook and Twitter, but I found it so fascinating that I need to blog about it too!

Map Your Mind is an online quiz created by GE neuroscientists and BrainMic which tells you which famous people’s brains are most like your own.


I know all personality tests — especially online ones! — should be taken with a grain of salt, but I was thoroughly impressed by this quiz’s design, interactive interface, research, and the accuracy of the results from just 12 questions. The fact that each answer was accompanied by a short neuro-psychoanalysis totally gave me geekasms too. ;-)

According to Map Your Mind, I am a #brainchild of Vincent van Gogh and Ludwig van Beethoven (hence the title of this post).


In case you’re having trouble reading that, it says:

You get your introverted side from both Vincent van Gogh and Ludwig van Beethoven, which proves successful artists and entertainers can be introverts too.

Your energy comes from Ludwig van Beethoven, the prodigious German composer and pianist whose influence on music is immeasurable.

You get your perfectionist, moody side from Vincent van Gogh, the influential Post-Impressionist painter whose eye for even the smallest detail made him one of the most successful artists in the world.

Which is pretty damn accurate, if I do say so myself!

Go on and take the test, and share your results with me in the comments section. Is your assessment accurate?

Stay tuned for a HUGE giveaway Monday!  :-)  :mrgreen:  8-)  ;-)