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Koreans and the Small Face Phenomenon

Having grown up in the U.S., I have heard on more than one occasion that celebrities possess larger heads compared to those of the general population, the idea being that the larger head will have larger features, which will show better on screen. There is even an episode of Entourage where Turtle proclaims, “The bigger the head, the bigger the star.”

However, in Korea, the exact opposite is true. The smaller your head/face, the more attractive you are.

A picture of Ivy, a Korean celebrity, posing between two fans.
Notice how small her face is compared to that of “normal” people.
(image source)

It is not uncommon for foreigners to be utterly confounded when first met with this phenomenon. “Gosh, your face is so small!” may sound like an inappropriate remark, but it is in fact a high compliment among Koreans.

Online Korean forums are often abuzz with face size discussions. When debating up-and-coming stars, it is not unusual to find comments such as “Her face is so small…she’s so pretty!” or “She’ll never make it because her head is too big.” In 2008, one of the most popular articles on Naver, a Yahoo-like portal, concerned the average Korean face size.

Koreans’ fascination with small faces often delve deep into the celebrity world, with stars with unusually small (and coveted) faces are asked to hold up every-day objects next to their heads…even busting out measuring tapes for proof!

Actress Han Yehseul can cover her entire face with a CD. (image source)

Model/actress Koh Ara’s face is a mere 17cm, or 6.69 inches, long. (image source)

I’m not really sure where the small face phenomenon originated. However, it is widely believed among Koreans that small faces photograph/video well, and that a smaller face will make you look skinner in photos as well. In a culture so obsessed with media and image, it is not difficult to see how this idea established such a strong foothold in the Korean psyche.

The cultural fixation on small faces has even coined a new term: the “V-line.” To Koreans, a small, perfectly oval face is no longer ideal. That oval must be made even smaller to create a V (a pointed chin).

Koreans are so obsessed with small faces that one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures involves shaving down one’s cheeks and jawline to undo what mother nature gave you. Take a look at these “before” and “after” photos of actress Park Minyoung:

(image source)

I once read that the jaw-shaving surgery is so in demand because it kills two birds with one stone: your diet is restricted to liquids for a full month after surgery, so you end up losing a lot of weight too!

I’m not sure where I stand on this issue. I think that if the size of your head/face is in proportion with the rest of your body, you should be happy, no? However, the Korean side of me longs to have a small face, because let’s face it – I have a rather large head.

And with that in mind, I have one last question: is it possible to be pretty, or even beautiful, with a large face?

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130 Responses to “Koreans and the Small Face Phenomenon”

  1. Jackie says:

    in case y’all didn’t know… asia’s plastic surgery boom didn’t just happen because of their own will…
    it all happened because of the caucasian surgeons who went there in early 20th century.
    What happened was the surgeons would tell the asian locals that their face is “not right” because of their small eyes, strong cheek bones, etc. and performed surgery on their face so that it meets the western standard of beauty.
    you can’t blame it all on the asians. we’re behind in from history.

  2. Victoria says:

    My face is 17 cm long and my head is fairly small. I am of Chinese descent and I realllly wish my head and face were a little bit bigger 🙁 the reason for this is that my shoulders are quite broad and it is disproportionate from my head and face size. God, I look like a triangle. Ideals of beauty are perceived differently in other cultures but I think that it doesn’t matter if your face is small or large, as long as everything is more or less proportionate, Olivia Wilde for example has a fairly prominent jaw line, but she’s still drop dead gorgeous! People usually want the opposite of what they were born with -___-

    • Tiffany Cheng says:

      Proportion or symmetry is the main key of facial attractiveness.
      Doesn’t care whether the face is big or small, as long as it proportionate and goes well with the other facial features is already considered to be quite attractive. If someone with the small face, but the other facial features don’t go well together will make someone looks bizzare. But if someone has big face but the whole facial features go well together is already considered to be quite attractive.

      Another example, if someone has long pointy face but not supported with prominent cheekbones someone might looks horse faced which not attractive enough.
      Again, if someone has rounder face but with well defined jaw and well defined cheekbones someone might looks quite attractive.
      Audrey hepburn is the one example. She has rounder face but she has prominent cheekbones and well defined jaw, that’s why she looked attractive.

      Big or small face doesn’t matter anymore . As long as they know how to manage their looks and apply the subtle hairstyle or makeups that suit their face shapes. I think they are already looked good, which is much better than spending to much money on surgeries.

    • Sara says:

      My face is 15 cm and I have a small face. People make fun of me all the time since I’m already in junior high. People say I’m pretty but my head size just doesn’t work when I’m 5’7.

  3. Karen says:

    I visited korea and being caucasian, I dont think they want to look white. In the US, Im considered highly attractive and asked if Im a model. In korea, they don’t even look at me and have been told there that my face is too boney or structured. So I think they want the small face because its completely different from a caucasian face which has cheekbones and jawline, they are erasing these these features and thus making them less caucasoid. I used to think that asians did it to look white but when you actually go there and experience the culture, they are not attracted to me caucasian wise. They tell me I look like the actress megan fox but that they’re not attracted to that look. Interesting how cultures are so different. I am embarrassed for my own stereotypes and ignorance of not only asians and other races for thinking they all want to look like me… when in fact, being in those countries, they aren’t even attracted to me.

    In the US, I have people running into cars and ditches staring at me, in asia, its a completely different world, I feel ugly there as an American.

    • yu says:

      Karen I think you are really misjudging your attractiveness. You probably aren’t nearly as pretty as you think you are and that’s why no one in Korea paid you any attention….you probably are a plain jane westener female with an average body. I lived in Korea for a while too, even married a Korean man from Korea, and couldn’t go out without compliments and more male attention then I wanted. I was hit on every time I stepped out the door and had Korean girls buying me drinks and telling me I’m beautiful just I would dance with them. Koreans thought my face was beautiful and even found a korean husband there and I’m a very much white girl, but I’m also an above average pretty girl. The number one complaint I heard from expat women in Korea is how the expat men and the korean men wouldn’t pay them attention……but every one of the women who complained were simply not that pretty or large. I mean in the usa they would be considered ok, decently attractive but not so in Korea…most had masculine to very plain faces. I however had no issue in Korea, I had many, many expat men from different countries hitting on me and had tons of cute koreans.

      If you actually are pretty, men from anywhere will hit on you. I see so many women thinking they are more pretty then they actually are.

      • Ronnie says:

        Yu, this comment is extremely catty and unnecessary. I don’t think the OP was necessarily trying to boast, simply attempting to illustrate a point.
        In other news, bragging about your looks on the internet anonymously seems pretty freaking weird and insecure to me lol.

      • Mina says:

        You really must be the most beautiful in the world, yu. 🙂 Why don’t you eat some of that make up of yours, then your obviously arrogant personality can become pretty as well.

      • Brown girl telling the TRUTH says:

        Sweetie I’m pretty sure the only reason you got hit on wasn’t because you are actually pretty– it’s because us brown people have been conditioned and brianwashed into believing that white is th standard of beauty, and we were brainwashed by YOUR people who came to our countries, told us we were ugly and that we should want to look more like you…. You people are arrogant and have the whole world feeling insecure about themselves, and believing that the lies you fed us about what beauty is was true. Trust me.. You got hit on, not because you are actually pretty, but only because you are white and that is what we have been conditioned to believe is right. You and your arrogance brain washed the world into believing that the whiter we are the prettier we are, when that isn’t the case. Because white people get surgery to mimic the very same features that they told other races were unattractive or wrong on them(Ironic isn’t it). You shoved down our throats that your features were superior, then turn around and mimic ours. Asians get called horse face for having our high cheekbones, yet ironically enough, so many white women get surgery to imitate high cheekbones. Then you are so arrogant to the point that when you get the surgery and an asian point out how you mimiced their feartures, the same features you made fun us, you deny that you are mimicking our features because even after you admitted that they were beautiful by getting the surgery in the first place, you will STILL never compliment an asian for having high cheek bone. You do it with everyone. Black people too… Black women were made fun of for having full breast, full, plump butts and full lips. You made them feel like shit about themselves for the way their bodies were shaped for years, as if those triats were unattractive. It’s not that those triats were unattractive at all… It’s that white people are so damn arrogant that when they see something beautiful on another race, because they have been conditioned to believe that their traits are superior, instead of complimenting that race for having those features, you get jealous and feel the need to put them down for it. Then when you imitate a trait that is more common on one race, you still don’t want to recogize them as beautiful for having it, you say things like “I’m not copying your race’s trait. Maybe I got this surgery because ___Insert white celebrity here___ has the same features. You’re not the only people who have that trait”… See how powerful your arrogance is? You make fun of another race for having a trait, copy that trait, then don’t even want to admit that you believe the trait is gorgeous on them, that you only got that surgery because a white celeb has it. When white girls get butt implants, or wear those padded pants, you don’t say you believe black girls have nice butts, you credit a white celebrity with a big butt as inspiration for you mimicking the trait– you will NEVER compliment another race for having it. It’s ridiculous how you people are and how arrogant you are.

        In countries where people are brainwashed BY YOUR PEOPLE in history into believing that what they have is undesirable and yours is supreme, ofcoarse they will hit on you. Trust me, it’s not because you are actually pretty– ANY white girl, no matter how plain she is(especially if she has blonde hair and colored eyes) will get hit on by insecure brown people who have been made to feel bad about their own features.

        • Maya C. says:

          To the user “Brown girl telling the TRUTH”: don’t get me wrong. I am also Black and proud of my looks! I really think every race aand ethnicity is beautiful but I really favour my own race’s features as well (lol, typical I know). But, I think it’s a bit wrong to be angry at the girl because she’s white…seriously.. I don’t wanna seem “backwards” to you here, but unless you actually heard HER criticizing other races and ours for our features, she doesn’t deservd to get a wall of text on a website telling her that she’s a hypocrite and arrogant. Did her ancestors say and do these racist things to us and other races? Maybe, maybe not, do you know? This is such a common mistake we make lol, not EVERY SINGLE white person hated on us and others’ features in the past. And especially now, many caucasian people view us as beautiful and “exotic” because of our races alone, even when it may have been the opposite and having “hated” features to them centuries ago. Many actually love our looks lol.

          Like do you actually think she said you are unattractive? i read her posts and i don’t think she did (i’ll re-read again) but you’re making it seem as if she totally called us ugly just because we’re of another race lmao..

          Oh yeah Just because someone is related to people that were extremely racist centuries ago (when european colonies invaded other countries, because you wrote “when YOUR people came to our countries”) Doesn’t mean that, a white person who is born in, say, the 1990’s is actually as racist as their ancestors. They might be, but many ppl (at least here in Canada..) are not NEARLY as racist as those ridiculous colonies and older generations!! Times hav changed and those were extremely racist, sexist, homophobic ages. when many countries were isolated from others and found other races to be less than they were.

          I lov travelling and did a lot in my teens mid ’20s (i’m exactly 30 now). Now i’m a bit older but I will NEVER forget the great times I had when i travelled all over Europe.. keep in touch with friends there. and I think when we live in bad neighbourhoods growing up we tend to think that all white people are racist, or somehing. What I say is get out there and take a hard look at th beautiful world out there!! Racism is still so apparent out there but when you treat everyone like an equal and nice to you they will do the same regardless of RACE, GENDER, AGE!! Don’t make assumptions that someone is as bad as what you hear in the history books I love everyone equally! LOve from Maya C.!! BTW thanks for the nice article I loved reading lol.

        • Jasminflower says:

          Trust me, you don’t get hit on just because of your nationality. I’m white, and no matter where I go in the world everyone will think I’m plain at best. Sometimes people are pretty to see, even if their ego would leave most men running for the hills… But let’s face it.

          With enough plastic surgery, even I could be pretty, lol!

        • saminaGirl says:

          “In countries where people are brainwashed BY YOUR PEOPLE in history into believing that what they have is undesirable and yours is supreme, ofcoarse they will hit on you. Trust me, it’s not because you are actually pretty– ANY white girl, no matter how plain she is(especially if she has blonde hair and colored eyes) will get hit on by insecure brown people who have been made to feel bad about their own features.”

          umm…not be mean but what kind of fantasy world are you live in? Come here South asia if you do not already live here. Lol. When my family stayed in US for years once i brought 2 friends with me on vacation my homecity. I’m on vacation now but I live my homecity again in now. Well my freinds were treated like as any other white or black American “visitor, like a regular foreigner to us of course. Not like godesse as you are pretending to make it out to be obviously.
          You honestly think colored people are that obsess with Caucasian features, that everyone in the earth will hit on them even if theyre un attractive?….
          I have not clue where you are getting this information but just because we are brown we are NOT insecure about our features and we do NOT feel bad about ourselves because of how we look!! Why are you spreading this message to peopel?! I my like my features and every ons–what will you say about that then!?
          Im agree with users K, Maya and Jasminflower. Who cares what your ethnicity,race or nationality is for attractive ness or getting hit on. It not as much of a factor as u seem to think in todays modern world for pretty ness, where people like YOU are spread this message that because we’re brown or colored, we are insecure and feel bad about our features!!! It not true and maybe you need to see reality instead of making it seem that we only like caucasian features cuz it sounds like you stuck in a different time zone and have a lot of self hatred for reasons that arent true of many of colored people’s standards. For example even if we some like a light skins, Its opinion not “brainwash..??! Brainwash…hah?.. it doesnt have to do with caucasians skins color its means light skins of even many brown and East asians are naturaly born with….Very common Ive even seen some east asian people lighter skins then som white people!

          If you pretty, then your pretty. Do not say race is big a influence when it matters yourself is I’ve seen ugly people all races–brown,white, East asian, black… but Ive also seen beauty people in all races. It depends on the person not they race, ok!?Why are you thinking like this?? Ive not ever heard of colored people be a made fun of or insult for some beauty cheek bones or a full lips and breast..?! What!? I think most want it! And once again your lie that because we are brown we “feel bad about our feature or are insecure. I know we don’t, it just people like you making it seem that way. Sorry for bad grammar or english still try my best.

        • Another Brown but fair lady says:

          Bravo! hope this post was read. It must be read by everyone. I get tanned by sun and get a tan… no prob. I have mongoloid features. I have radiant skin. But do not want to change my face at all. Have nice body. Do not want to please any other people too. I am what I am. And if this is true. I will not try to get close to those who admire me or/ and think I am a beauty…. Rest who do not consider me good enough must just go away…. discussion close. And my grandma told me the secrets of living a happy life and not about the kind of face I must have to look beautiful. I do not have to look beautiful if I already am 😛 😉 😀

          • Speak Ah-Da Engrish says:

            You have “Mongoloid features”? You have the features of a retard? Why would you say that? lol

      • K says:

        I like how people are so quick to hate on Yu. She’s just talking about her opinions on the matter based on her experiences. But because she’s supposedly pretty, she’s seen as arrogant or ignorant.

      • Dan says:

        Your comment is sickening to say the least. U seem to have a morbid taste for deflating others’ egos

  4. Amy says:

    A small face does not necessarily mean it’s small, it’s to do with how large your eyes are etc as well. When I go to japan to visit my family, I get told that my face is small. It’s actually not that small, but I have large eyes so it gives of an illusion of me having a ‘small’ face.

  5. Koreans are dimented says:

    Koreans shouldn’t be worried about their jaw size. Chinese are ugly, they need their jaw shaved.

    Koreans should be more worried about their chin length. They have long chins and they get that shaved lol

    • mtr25500 says:


    • Jerry says:

      “Chinese are ugly, they need their jaw shaved.”
      How many Chinese do you see to make such a nonsense. Well Mr./Mrs. Hotness show use how pretty you are. Hiding behind your computer isn’t going to make you look pretty/handsome at all.

    • Some girl says:

      At least, Chinese don’t have weird pointy horse face like most surgeried Koreans do. Most Koreans with the surgery are horse headed which is not very pleasant to look at by mine. Koreans with the surgery and their horse faces kind of remind me of horses. To me, Koreans with the surgeries look like walking horses.

      • Speak Ah-Da Engrish says:

        What are you fucking 5? “rararara I hate koreans, they are horses, stupid horse people that look like horses with horse faces and horse heads that also look like horses and walk like horses with horse features rarararara”

    • Somerset says:

      Koreans are uglier than Chinese, Chinese don’t have weird horse face like most Koreans are. Koreans are the most fake looking Asian ethnicity with their surgeried horse looking faces. Koreans are mostly horse faced and horse headed, to me Koreans look like horses.

      • sasha says:

        There’s no need to make such remarks. The person who made the first remark was an idiot and wasn’t even a Korean. Please don’t say things like that about us. We don’t think Chinese people are ugly, nor do we think we look better. There are people who get surgery to enhance their looks in my country, but Koreans are no different from other Asians. We have similar features. Just some variation because we are a different country with different standards of beauty..

  6. AsianB2ST says:

    Koreans with smaller faces do look pretty or handsome that’s because of them wanting to be ulzzangs .. In other words everyone is different in there own way .. Like you don’t have to be skinny to be pretty , or make-up can only make you look pretty but natural beauty is better. They just want to look their best out of every other people
    -__- I have a large face with a wide jaw but u can make it look smaller by just covering half of the face or hold the camera straight up forward .
    Every one has their own ways of beauty

    • Some girl says:

      Eww no…….Koreans with the small faces look like aliens and horses. Too long and too pointy, along with the hideous looking artificial V-line jaw. I prefer someone with natural untouched faces over the surgeried ones.

  7. sheraz khan says:

    was my face is very good
    but new my face going big

    please halp me
    i want to make my face smaller
    please plase give me some formations

  8. k says:

    Really Karen? I lived in Korea too and got a totally different reaction. I had Korean men hitting on me everyday, offering me money just to come sit with them and had to threaten men about groping me at clubs. I was told often by Koreans that I was pretty with a small face and big eyes and even had one ajuma tell me I was prettier then a Korean girl. I would have groups of school girls tell me im pretty and follow me around. I had one Korean woman smack her bf for looking at me. Korean men love white girls that are young and slim, we look exotic to them and we are somethi NH different. If you are slim, young and cute and wear the.cute styles that Korean women wear, you cant keep Korean men away.

  9. Mo says:

    about asians trying to look white…the thought has always escaped me, because I am very mixed; My father was mixed, and my mother was mostly filipino. I’ve grown up thinking that asian women and latinas were very pretty, or at least, the more exotic, the better. Since I am pretty asian looking and have certain features, I’d often seek inspiration from what I think is beautiful. Korean women ARE pretty, and I think, because of the way many of their celebrities look, they can be trying to look like the beautiful women within their race. And it’s not wrong to dye your hair blonde even if asians are generally blonde. Because if you think another woman with blonde hair is beautiful, you should do what you want. It’s better than being unhappy all the time because of how you look, because let’s admit it, many women are self-conscious and they are raised believing that image is everything. It seems a bit more important in korean culture. Its like saying, since I am half filipino, I should make myself look like a half-filipino. Which is very hard because half-filipinos are mixed and races are much more diverse looking that foreigners think. For example, i know many people who have told me all asians look alike. I’m not saying that all white people look the same, but to say that white people are more diverse? It’s easy for them to group up all the asians, all the hispanics, all the black people into groups, but you have to be more aware of them instead of thinking of them as minorities if you will be able to properly see diversity in their race. For example…I’m sure many of you can tell all your favorite korean celebrities apart but couldn’t at first. You’ve spent more time seeing their faces. That’s what kills me, I don’t think white people are characterized by eyelids or small jaws at all. I also don’t think that way about koreans….O.o

    • charlotte says:

      i think the only reason white people think they have more variation in how they look comes down to hair and eye color, which, obviously, can be mimicked through beauty products today. when it comes down to actual genes, black people actually have the most genetic diversity.

  10. Ayanumi says:

    Oh wow I think this is great, I’ve always heard about that and was even searching for it too,
    because I also have a big face or big head, but I love Park Minyoungs resault, because she
    looks so pretty now with her small face. Does anybody knows the name of the doctor or even
    of the hospital or website, because I want to get me a small face as soon as possible too and
    would love to share my before and after pictures with you on this website too.

    Thank you!

    Ayanumi ♥

  11. lalala says:

    i’m actually thinking that i should go to korea(: lol my face is actually smaller than the girl with the measuring tape XD. however, asian women(and men) should learn to love how they look or have a more open perspective on beauty. having certain standards must cause pressure among all the teenagers and idols. it’s quite sad honestly

  12. guden says:

    i think my head is damn too big so i have long hair to make look smaller (im a dude)

  13. KARichard says:

    it’s probably because koreans in general have large faces/heads. i should know, if my hair is too short or i shave my head, i look awful– my head is too big. But it looks fine with longer hair ( a few more inches).

    The ultimate contrast is southern chinese/ vietnamese/thai. The majority have small heads and faces. It doesn’t necessarily make them prettier. I think even the Japanese have smaller heads/faces than koreans, especially since koreans are known for having moon faces. But don’t worry, the Polish look exactly the same. And cheekbones are extremely prevalent amongst koreans, which some people actually desire to get using plastic surgery. Now northern chinese seem to be more balanced, heads/faces not as small as the cantonese but not as large as koreans. Whether they are better looking than Koreans or Viets/Cantonese is obviously subject to opinion however……

    • Somerset says:

      Japanese are mostly horse faced, which is not very pleasnt to look at sometimes. Southern Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thais don’t have horse face, they mostly have round face like most Russians. Northern Chinese can be horse faced too, but not as much as someone who is a Japanese. Japanese are mostly long headed which creating the horse face look. Koreans without the surgery don’t have horse face like most Japanese. But Koreans with the surgery tend to be horse faced, due to the V-line surgery.

  14. Vince says:

    Yeah, Koreans tend to have big heads. Hairstyling, diet can have a big effect.

  15. Boobs says:

    Urmm i can cover my face with a cd also? Big whoop

  16. 2013 says:

    Please. Just admit it, everyone define each other with first impression, which are how they look right? They just want get smaller face then let them be. And yes, the most first success plastic surgery was in Singapore. And also, European looks different to European. Asian looks different to Asians. But Asians look the same from the viewpoint of European. It was before they’re not used to each other features, so they look the same for others, but to them they look different. Why don’t you guys even think was the brain that god have gave.

    Korean tends to have big squarish face, before that’s their origin genes. An also, society now look for the word “beauty” which Korean define beauty as V face. So o course they’ll shave off their chin, just to fit into the society. There should be someone who start the trend of not judging how anyone look like, then of course people would naturally should all those plastic surgery. Admit it, peole wants to upgrade themselves to look great right? We should applaus for those who dare to embrace how they look like since they’re born.

    Not that I’m saying plastic surgery is bad, but its also a confident boost to some of them. So since this allow them to have higher confident so just respect their privacy?6

  17. cank says:

    I have a small face with small eyes but I’m not from Korea. But bigger sunglasses don’t suits me. 🙁

  18. Cashie says:

    Im not beautiful at all and all this talk about beauty depresses me :’ (

    • 비밀ㅋㅋ says:

      everybody is beautiful in their own ways. not all people will think you’re beautiful, but not everyone thinks you’re not 🙂 be confident about yourself. confidence is the key :)) it’s the best make up a woman can wear. definitely beats surgery :))))

    • Azy says:

      Don’t worry we’re on the same boat.
      I hate talking about beauty but then I can’t stop myself talking about it anyway.
      So be it….
      But then I have already accepted that fact that I’m not pretty well that’s the least thing I can do.

  19. Sue Beez says:

    Koreans have freakishly large heads. You can understand why they’ve decided that they need to start “reducing”.

  20. Shin Thaa says:

    Wow, seriously 19cm is small? well I got mine around 17,5-18 cm and medium eyes. I feel so silly because my head is the smallest between my friends :/ but few people said that I’m cute. I wouldn’t say that I will look cute in korea, I just happy that some articles said that small faces makes you look younger (>3<)

  21. Tiffany says:

    White people can have big face too, not just Koreans/Asians in general. This Norwegian model has pretty big face, here is the picture of her:

    And she is considered as one of the most successful model in the Sports Inllustrated.

  22. Ordinary Asian girl says:

    What is so attractive about big puppy eyes and pointy face? Nothing.
    I prefer girls with their natural face shape instead of the ones with the V-line. That’s just horrible arrrrrgggghhhh…….they totally look like Aliens from the planet mars. I am Chinese girl with round face, small almond eyes, rounded cheekbones, and rounded nose which is not quite ideal for an Asian “pretty face” standard. Sure, I look nothing like K-pop star or J-pop star though I still love just the way I am which is better than I thought.
    It is really saddening to see a lot girls in Asia don’t like their looks anymore.
    Lucy Liu, Zhang Ziyi, and Michelle Yeoh has your typical Asian face but they can pull it off very well.

    • Fil says:

      u are so right! I have some asian friends and every time they have something to “not like” about their appearance! I’m so glad that I can finally hear an asian girl talk like u!!
      though not only asians but everyone should love themselves just the way they are!
      I thing the last 10 years the media influence more and more teenage and young adult girls and boys.. bulimia, anorexia and depression, because everyone is not satisfied with their looks, is everywhere!
      I always tell my sister (who struggled with bulimia last year) that first you gotta love yourself just the way you are and then you can improve your appearance if you want.. because when you love yourself you will do it in a healthy (both mentally and physically) way! and more importantly you gotta do it for you not for the others! =)
      and I don’t care why people make such a fuss about appearance… jeez…. even if you are not a model you are still a living human, no? besides for me the appearance is so linked with someone’s personality! If someone’s personality is rotten then even if he/she is considered beautiful I will see them as ugly in my eyes.. if they are nice u can see it in their face too.. and if they are confident people glow XD
      so what if ur face is small or big.. round or square.. if u have blue or brown eyes.. if ur nose is a little smaller or bigger.. SO WHAT?
      why should u worry about whether ur appearance is above average or not? does it matter if everyone likes u or not? as long as the people that matter love u.. that’s what’s important!
      and btw models are just skinny and doesn’t mean they’re always beautiful… they can even be “ugly” but unique! 😉
      don’t forget….

    • DESI says:

      I applaud you for staying true to who you are. I think standards for beauty shouldn’t exist anywhere in the world, everyone should embrace their natural unique features.

  23. X ray says:

    Asians with their round faces look much better than the westerners with their pointy faces. If Asians are flat faced, then most weterners are horsey faced, which worse looking than the Asian flat face

  24. China girl says:

    Who said Asians with wide face, small almond eyes, button nose can’t be beautiful. That’s a load of bullcr*p, it doesn’t make any sense at all. There are lots of pretty Asian girls with the traits that I mentioned above, not just the ones with the stereotypical tall western-like nose, big eyes, and v-line face. Google Du Juan, Hye Park, Riyo Mori and they all very beautiful. These three models have your typical Asian looks, all can pull it off well. Du Juan has wide face, she looks good with it, Hye Park has small almond eyes still looks stunning, Riyo Mori has really cute button nose.

  25. China girl says:

    White people can also have small almond eyes, button nose, and rounder face too not just Asians. Malin Åkerman from Sweden has small Asian eyes can pull it off, Marloes Horst and Natalia Vodianova have button nose still look good, Taylor Swift with her rounder face still looks stunning. Love yourself, be grateful that at least you are not handicapped like some people out there.

  26. aisadelacruz says:

    I’m an avid fan of the groups Super Junior and Girls Generation. But all this plastic surgery has put me off (especially Yoo Na and Kyu Hyun, but the ultimate worst I’ve seen is all that surgery done on Kim Jae Joong formerly of Dong Ban Shin Ki). It’s just sad that the fans are so caught up in defending their ‘idols’ saying they look natural.

  27. lulu says:

    I have a strong face with prominent cheekbones (I’m European), and I’ve always thought my face was boney and horse-like. I would totally prefer to have a rounded, chubbi-ish face, I think it’s much cuter and makes you look younger, too.

  28. Tlp says:

    This post is hilarious, I enjoy your writing. I have never heard of the small face preference until now. I am Vietnamese and growing up I have always been told the prettiest facial shape is oval. Aside from that I have always thought your facial features are attractive when everything is proportional. I think Korean faces are very pretty, but I wonder why most Koreans have the same facial shapes, I think they are mostly oval…

  29. ruurrue says:

    Oh my, I never thought that caucasian think that asian actually want to look like them. God, HELL NO. Just because a lot of we korean find having a small face and double eyelid eyes it doesn’t means that we want to look like caucasian. geezz

  30. Lena says:

    One thing i realized about korean beauties is they LOOK EXACTLY the same i think mostly it caused by surgery and as I’ved read some articles about korean culture,beauty standards etc … I guess their’s not so much difference with all koreans…I don’t really get why they need to overall change their look through surgery ofcourse not only koreans but other nationalities as well, can’t they love what God has given them? But ofcourse its not my place to shout any profanities or hate them for it, i just wanna see some celebrities/model that dont have to go through surgery just to look perfect because for some other people I’ve seen here in the philippines especially teenagers thats going crazy over k-pop … It has a negative effect and became very vain & judgemental…I’m also a teenager and Filipina i don’t hate nor love koreans but I like and respect them such as other nationalities for some of their works especially when it comes to drama I love watching them act because they’re very good at it…I’m the type of person that doesn’t look much on the outside but I respect their views although hopefully they don’t go to the extreme…But anyways, quite a fascinating topic and well a bit disturbing about the “jaw shaving something???” Don’t know that kind of surgery scares the hell out of me or any surgeries at all…

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