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Wherein I Discover Another By-Product of Pregnancy…Two Weeks After Giving Birth

Yesterday, I broke out of my month-long confinement in order to visit the optometrist. J still disapproved of my leaving the house, but I was running dangerously low on my contact lenses and I was not able to order them online since it had been more than a year since my last eye exam.

(On the subject of contact lenses, I *heart* my current brand: Proclear 1 Day daily disposables. Not only are they so much more convenient than regular contacts and even regular 2-week disposables, they’re sooo much more comfortable too. And no, neither Proclear nor Cooper Vision know that I exist.)

Stare into a picture of a green pasture and a red barn as the machine whirls and estimates my vision. Check. Have puffs of air shot into my eyes. Check. Read minuscule series of letters while repeatedly answering the question, “Which is better: 1 or 2?” Check.

(image source)

Then the doc delivered the bad news. My vision, while having had stayed the same for the past three years, had suddenly significantly grown WORSE in the past year:

Left Eye:
-4.00 to -4.75

Right Eye:
-3.50 to -4.25 

He explained that vision changes during pregnancy is not uncommon, and that while in most cases, the changes are minor and even reversible, a remarkable worsening of eyesight such as mine is usually permanent.

Crap. And here I was, expecting the same prescription as the three years prior so that I can easily order my replacement contacts online. (Walgreens.com is having a big sale on contacts right now!) Instead, I will need to return later this week to ensure my new prescription isn’t too strong, and in a few months to make sure my eyesight hasn’t changed again. Also, I will need to get new lenses for my glasses as well.

Thanks, Aerin. You’ve really done a number on mommy’s body. (But I still love you to death, you stinky butt!)