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Already Feeling Like a Bad Mom

All the mommy/pregnancy blogs I read post tons of nursery inspiration photos, show off all the lovely DIY goodies they have crafted for their child(ren), and seem genuinely excited about filling their homes with baby clothes, toys, and accessories.

Me? Not so much.

Beautiful nurseries are nice, to be sure, but I’m too cheap and lazy to go all out. I would be perfectly happy to add a crib to the (already-bare) guest room and call it a day. J and I have joked about painting a Transformers mural à la Scrubs, but I doubt we will get around to even painting the walls a different color.

As for DIY projects, you can forget about it. As adept as I may be with a pencil/paintbrush/mousepad, I am a total DIY klutz when it comes to actual, hands-on crafts.

I also do not look forward to baby shopping. Like, at all. I still don’t go gaga over cute baby outfits and toys and I doubt that I ever will. I look at “must-have” items such as swings and bouncers and think, It’ll add so much clutter to our home! Does the baby really NEED this stuff? If our parents did without it, can’t we live without it as well?”

Please tell me I’m not the only mother to feel this way.

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