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Because I’m Sure I Can’t Be the Only One

There are some things I find weird about myself (sometimes, in conjunction with others in my life) but I know there must be others out there who do the same…right?

  1. I occasionally weigh myself before and after pooping just to see if there’s a difference. (It’s never as much as I expect or hope.)
  2. Every few months, J will lie on top of me and “play dead.” I then try my darndest to try to get out from under him, just to see if I would be able to escape if he were ever to die or pass out on top of me.
  3. During a bawling session, I have run to a mirror to see if I can cry pretty like actors do in movies or television. (I can’t.)
  4. This is exactly how I sleep in the warmer months:

    …while the opposite is true in the cold (i.e., one leg out of the blanket).

  5. When I get really stressed out, I like to go through the clothes in my closet and look for wrinkled clothes to iron. I tell my friends that ironing relaxes me because it’s like I can smooth out the wrinkles in the fabric, while I can’t always smooth out the wrinkles in my life. But that’s not always the truth — because I’m not that deep a person. I just really like to iron.
  6. I pick at the skin around my thumbnails (oftentimes enough to draw blood) and I have for as long as I can remember. I’m surprised I’ve never gotten any infections from this nasty habit.
  7. When I recall a bad or embarrassing memory, I try to think of something I could have said to offset that awkward situation. And periodically, I will find myself saying this aloud. I guess it happens often enough that J no longer pays attention to it — he’s fully aware that I occasionally talk to myself.
  8. I relate all too well with the following Nerd Quirks:

Do you share with me any any of these eccentricities? Or do you possess other seemingly-strange peculiarities that you’re sure many others hold?