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29 Weeks

(I need to really start making it a point to post these updates on time, as I am now almost 30 weeks.)

As stated in a post yesterday, I’m starting to get really uncomfortable. My lower back constantly aches. My hands and feet swell so much at nighttime that I’m starting to have dexterity issues. I have trouble breathing with the baby pressed up against my lungs. My worst symptoms of the first trimester — nausea, painful gas, constipation, and insomnia — have all returned with a vengeance. And my hips hurt so much from the separating/loosening joints and ligaments that I consistently walk with a limp. (Can’t exercise either, because of my damn hips.)

Considering how uncomfortable I am getting, and looking at how large I am starting to look in the pictures below (you can catch a glimpse of Comang in this week’s shot!), I can’t believe I have 11 whole weeks left. I really, really hope that I do not go over my due date.

J has been a doll throughout all this. He offers to give me massages and foot rubs, constantly asks me if I’m craving anything, doesn’t mind that I only cook about once a week now, and ignores the messy house. He even offers to pay for new maternity clothes, new beauty products and services — even my new expensive waxing routine — so that I won’t feel quite as unattractive.

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful and supportive husband. But I would be lying if I were to say that the guilt has yet to set in. Last week, I felt so bad that he would slave away all day to pay for my unnecessary crap that I started going through my (small) collection of designer handbags, trying to see which ones I would be able to part with at a decent price.

Then J walked into the room. “What are you doing?”

When I explained myself, his face clouded over. “Why would you do that?” He almost looked angry. “It’s my job to work and bring home the bacon. It’s your job to stay healthy and be happy and comfortable for the sake of the baby. I don’t expect anything else from you.”

“But don’t you miss the days when I worked full-time too? Don’t you ever feel like you have a lazy wife who contributes nothing to this household?” I countered.

“No. All you need to do right now is to grow a healthy baby. DON’T FEEL BAD. DON’T FEEL GUILTY. I am happy to be able to provide for our family. You just tell me what you need and I’ll do everything I can to make you happy and comfortable.” He ended his short speech with a bear hug and a big fat kiss.

I love my husband.

The baby continues to grow stronger each day. J likes to say that she is re-enacting scenes from The Matrix in my stomach — sometimes she will attack with blindingly fast kicks and punches, and other times, with SLOOOW but powerful movements that make us wonder, ‘What the heck is she doing in there?’ 

Sometimes I even get worried that she’s moving too much, and if that is a bad thing. But when I posted my concern on Twitter all my fellow mommy friends chimed in to reassure me that it’s nothing to worry about…if anything, it’s a good thing!

According to most pregnancy websites, the baby now measures 15-17 inches long and weighs about 3 lbs. If she were to be born now, she would have more than a 90% chance of surviving without long-term complications. All she needs to do from now until delivery is to pack on the fat, keep absorbing calcium, and continue to practice breathing!