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Baby Fever

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you may have noticed that I’d had a bit of baby fever lately.

Say what?

Me? The girl who hates the baby years and never looks back on her children’s infancies with nostalgia?

What happened?

Well, for one, my friends and relatives keep having ridiculously cute babies and I don’t mind at all that they clutter my social media feeds with baby pictures and stories.

Then there’s the fact that my girls, who will be turning 5 and 4 soon, are evolving into pretty awesome individuals who increasingly amaze me with their creativity, wit, and lively personalities. They’re getting along better, they make each other and the people around them laugh, they’re cooperative, and they’re both so smart. I’d helped create two such astounding people — so why not another?

I’ve seriously been considering having another baby. I kid you not.


And J is totally on board. He loves kids and if he had his way, we’d have an entire basketball team.

But then a conversation with friends helped me realize something. (Thanks, G&J, if you’re reading this!)

The main reason I am considering having another kid is because my life is so good right now.

In addition to my children who are now more independent and generally easier — downright enjoyable at times! — there’s also my relationship with J, which is pretty darn wonderful these days. We make time for each other, we make each other laugh, and we help keep each other accountable.

We’ve become one of those insufferably happy couples that make you want to gag. And I think to myself, several times, every day, “How lucky am I?”

J even blurted out during dinner the other day — completely out of the blue — “I like our family.”  😀 

Because I am so happy with my family, I am selfishly wanting to expand it so that my happiness could be even greater.

So would bringing another child into the fold make things even better? Probably not for another couple of years, at least — didn’t you hear that parenthood is tougher on your well-being than divorce, unemployment, or even the death of a partner?

But yes, the fever is there and it’s real. I’m just not sure if those difficult baby years would be worth it.

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5 Responses to “Baby Fever”

  1. Janice says:

    I think that you are a great candidate for a third kid. Strong marriage? Check! Happy, healthy kiddos who are currently getting along? Check! Two parents who are on board with more kids? Check! I say go for it!

  2. We are at that point now, finally.. because the baby years are over.

    Otherwise, we’d be in the stressful NO BABY years. This is why we don’t want a second.. the first was so tough…

    I say go for it. If you are both on board, then become a bigger family

  3. JJ says:

    Hello. Just keep in mind that if you have a third child who will be 5-6 years younger than his/her 2 older siblings who are very close in age, you might rationalize yourself into having a fourth child so that the third has a playmate-sibling closer to his/her age. And don’t forget the sleep deprivation, diapers, vomit, crankiness, screaming, crying, financial cost, stress, frustration, daily grind and monotony, carbon footprint legacy, etc., that each new baby entails.

  4. SK says:

    I feel like your family would be so complete with a boy!
    Why not? It would be worth it in the long run.

  5. Agape says:

    Please do! i think you and your husband could..

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