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Incredible Amazon Page Resumé

I have featured some special resumés here in the past, and I have to say that this one takes the cake. Philippe Dubost, a web product manager in Paris, created a fake Amazon product page to showcase his skillset and talents. At first glance, you can hardly tell that you’re not looking at an Amazon page! You gotta […]

Jun 28, 2012  •  In Career, Korean, Personal

Employer Loyalty: Cultural or Generational?

J has been offered a prestigious position at a new company. 🙂 You don’t know how stinkin’ proud I am — he always busts his behind at work to provide for our family, and he is finally being recognized for his dedication and hard work. He gave his two weeks notice yesterday, and will be […]

Nov 23, 2011  •  In Career, Funny

Résumé vs Reality

Via Doghouse Diaries. You may also like: 13 Reasons Why Humans Are the Cutest Animals Anatomy of the Holidays [Comic] Marvel Comics: What If? Will Rohan Answer?

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Guest Post: It’s the Economy, Ladies

Today we welcome back guest blogger Susan. I have always admired her professionalism and diplomatic approach to feminism, and this post certainly does not disappoint. What do you think? Do you believe the financial crisis may not have happened if women had been in charge? Do you think that women need to take a more […]

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Rev Up Your Resumé with Vizualize.Me

How can you help your resumé stand out from the hundreds — and perhaps thousands — of other applicants? Why not go with the popular trend of infographics, graphs, and charts? While not applicable in all instances, you can’t deny that having a visually-appeasing resumé design will help you be more memorable, especially if you are […]

Jun 11, 2011  •  In Career, Education, Parenting, Personal, Relationships

Peaked Too Early

Lately I have been plagued with a nagging uncertainty that makes me wonder if I had peaked too early in life. Allow me to explain. Before the age of 20, I was a Little Miss Overachiever: straight ‘A’s in school, tons of extracurricular activities, numerous awards, distinctions, and merits. My accomplishments included the following: Not […]

Oct 29, 2010  •  In Career, Food, Home

Guest Post: Your Job is Ruining Dinner

I don’t particularly like cooking, and I’m embarrassed to reveal just how many days per week we order in (especially during the latter weeks of my pregnancy). However, home-cooked IS best in my opinion and I prefer my mother’s dishes over a restaurant’s any day. In this piece Susan ponders if women’s careers have lead […]

Oct 13, 2010  •  In Blogging, Career, Finance, Guest Posts

Guest Post: How I Got Out of Debt

Our next guest post comes from Fabulously Broke, one of my favorite lifestyle/personal finance bloggers. I always found her story inspiring and asked her to write a special post on how she managed to clear $60k in debt AND build a respectable net worth. Enjoy! Background I am a twenty-something consultant who was $60,000 in student […]