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New York Basketball Is Back

You see, I’ve been a Knicks fan since the 90s. I cried when we lost the Finals in 1999. I know we had a glimmer of hope with Melo (and we can’t forget Linsanity), but you can’t deny that being a Knicks fan in the past 20 years has been tough. But two years ago, we […]

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Judgemental Subway Map of Manhattan

Thrillist has recently released what they dub an “actually useful subway map, which tells you what to expect at virtually all of Manhattan’s stops.” I really do believe this version of the subway map may be more useful for tourists, as well as locals who want to venture out of their comfort zones. Now I am tempted […]

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Today, we remember. Via StoryPeople. You may also like: New York Basketball Is Back Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath Anyone Else Going LINsane? Snowtober 2011

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StubHub: Fantastic Customer Service

This weekend is the last that J and I will have together before his parents return to China. We decided to take full advantage of this with a dinner & theater date last night — we were finally going to watch Wicked on Broadway! After a delicious dinner at Thalia, we made our way over to […]

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Drinking in LA vs. Drinking in NYC

What do you guys think? Pretty accurate? I can’t remember the last time I drank drank in LA (as in go out to a bar/lounge, not just have a beer or two with dinner…or get tipsy at a wedding 😉 ), but what I do remember are the early last calls and the relatively cheaper drinks. Oh, […]

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Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath

We were extremely fortunate in the wake of Sandy. While the vast majority of our friends who reside in the area lost electricity, water, or both (a big thanks to social media for keeping everyone updated), we made it through the hurricane without much of a fuss, and are happy to report that we, as well […]

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Friday Brain Dump (Basketball Edition)

1. Did you know that you can embed Tweets? Just mouseover the tweet I have embedded below. Notice that the tweet is “live,” meaning that all the links (such as the “Follow” button) clickable and functional. So they’re watching Knicks in Taipei but I can’t get the game.#iliveheredammit — Jerry Seinfeld (@JerrySeinfeld) February 16, 2012 […]

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Anyone Else Going LINsane?

Having grown up in New York, I have been a New York Knicks fan since (my generation’s version of) the Knicks’s glory days in the 1990s. I cried when they lost the 1999 NBA Finals. Meeting Allan Houston was one of the high points of my life. And, I remained true to my boys in […]