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What if the Family Circus Lived in Park Slope…

And were entitled pricks?








For more, check out Park Slope Family Circus!

(For those who are not aware, Park Slope is an area in Brooklyn that is known for its elegant brownstones — and more recently, for its well-to-do, and oftentimes pretentious families with young children.

Who are obsessed with all things organic and artisanal and hippie and moan over first world problems.

I’m not saying all families in Park Slope are this way, but sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason. 😉 )

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4 Responses to “What if the Family Circus Lived in Park Slope…”

  1. Carol says:

    LOVE this! Very accurate. 😉

  2. JJ says:

    I chuckled at the 6th cartoon down (2nd from bottom) regarding the Diva Cup, not necessarily because it was the most funny, but because of the reference. In context of the cartoon, those who have never heard of a Diva Cup probably think it’s a narcissistic brand of a child’s sippy cup. Not exactly. It’s a re-usable menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone. You insert it, let it collect (not absorb) menstrual blood, remove it after ~12 hours, empty the blood contents, wash it, and re-insert it. I know this because I’ve been using a Diva Cup since December 2012 (6 cycles).

    A re-usable menstrual cup sounds totally gross when you first hear about it, but makes so much sense when you get beyond the initial “ick” and read about the benefits for your life (health and convenience), your wallet (don’t have to buy pads and tampons anymore), and the environment (no more throwing out said pads and tampons).

    All that said, alas, the Diva Cup is too large for me. I’m 5’1″, kind of flexible, and unfortunately the Diva Cup tends to break its seal and subsequently leak when I do certain stretches that are deep and/or wide (e.g., 170 degree straddle split with butt, stomach and face on floor).

    The Diva Cup was a good introduction for me to using a menstrual cup, but it’s unfortunately not the right fit for my “inside down there”. I have since been trying a different brand of menstrual cup that is smaller. This is probably tmi, but I’m between periods right now so am using the new smaller cup to catch discharge, and this brand does seem to keep its seal better, even during deep stretches. (I am holding off on naming the smaller cup brand because I haven’t yet used it during an actual period.)

    Diva Cup is likely the best known and possibly least expensive brand of menstrual cup, but there are many other brands available. If you are interested in buying a menstrual cup, definitely read reviews for different brands and check out the livejournal menstrual cup community (yes, one exists, believe it or not).

    Okay, all of that was a **really** long way of saying that I was amused to see that a reference to the still-somewhat-obscure-concept-of-a-menstrual-cup made its way to a parody of a well known family cartoon. Thank you, geekinheels, for posting it. 🙂

    • A bunch of my friends use the Diva Cup so I thought it was pretty well-known! I personally have never been tempted to try it…I can certainly understand why some women might love it, but I much prefer the more traditional methods. 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    Ah ha ha, these are great! They give me that just-right combination of eye-rolling, sighing, and a dash of mommy guilt. :.)
    Since there’s already a conversation, I’ll say that the period (lol) in my life when I used a Diva Cup was really great. It was a different brand, but it was the same idea, and it’s not something I’d go around shouting about, but I’d definitely recommend anybody who’s interested giving it a try.
    Second, I absolutely have to recommend for anybody who hasn’t seen it! It is one of my favorite go-tos on the internet now. It can get me out of any mood!

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