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Once Upon an Internet

There have been a lot of good stuff showing up on my Feedly this week, but I haven’t had the chance have been too busy playing with my new phone to share it with y’all. So as any lazy blogger would do, I have decided to a roundup… Terrible-Tweet ScoreWhat is your Terrible-Tweet Score? I […]

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Mantone 2013 Color Forecast

A priceless spoof of Pantone’s famed color forecasts…although I believe the “Timid Technophile” should have some beige in his palette, no? Via Core77. You may also like: How Archer is Just Like Futurama Website of the Day: Sad Animal Facts What Do You Get When You Combine the Two Most Hated Typefaces? Judgemental Subway Map […]

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Shades of Change

Long time readers are well aware that I have a thing for colors; it should then be obvious why I’m loving this installation by New Orleans artist Marin Dearie. Titled Shades of Change, each set depicts the changes in nature and pop culture through a series of color charts. I’m especially diggin “Lil’ Kim’s Hair” and “Egg to […]

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How Men and Women See Colors

Sooooooo true! Over the 8-year span of our relationship, I have trained myself to go the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) route when identifying colors to my other half. And you can see how a possible trichromat as myself would find this extremely difficult. Via HHjH. You may also like: Memories from My 32nd Claire and Phil […]

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Pantone Credit Cards

Debuting in Spring 2011, color authority Pantone will release their own Visa® Platinum Rewards Card in a range of hues that have been selected from the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2011. Each of the five cards is meant to invoke and express certain moods and attributes: PANTONE 14-0941 TPX Beeswax Warm, Sincere, Generous […]

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Paper Storage Swoon

Hiromura Design Office has created a magnificent storage solution for the Tokushu Tokai Paper Head Office that is every paper/craft/color lover’s wet dream. If I had all the money in the world I would have this Japanese design house design all my storage spaces. Via Apartment Therapy. You may also like: Mantone 2013 Color Forecast Shades […]

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Educational Chemistry Crayons

Want your child to get a head start on chemistry? Try these Educational Chemistry Crayons from Etsy seller QueInteresante: Children play and draw with crayons practically every day, so why not make the experience more educational? This listing is for a set of 48 Crayola crayons with labels so that while children are coloring, they […]

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Travel by Color

Travel by Color is an online tool developed by travel site Explorra that lets you pick a color (or you can choose to go with a random selection) to discover a variety of destinations containing that hue. While I doubt that most users of the tool will actually use the service to choose their next […]

May 29, 2010  •  In Art/Design, Colors

Masters’ Palettes

The Telegraph has a terrific article about the preservation and study of renowned artists’ paint palettes: Why preserve Van Gogh’s palette? Why preserve an artist’s palette? The daubs of raw pigment or the mixes left in position can be an intriguing index to the working method and the mind of the artist. And most, once […]

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New Pantone Matching System Released!

Most of my readers may brush off this news, but I have some exciting news for all my fellow color lovers and print designers… Today, Pantone released the Pantone Plus Series, an update to the ubiquitous Pantone Matching System! The new series does not only include 566 new colors, it also hosts a myriad of […]