Mar 27, 2015  •  In Art/Design, Fonts, Funny

What Do You Get When You Combine the Two Most Hated Typefaces?

Comic Sans and Papyrus are probably the most hated typefaces among designers — heck, probably anyone with a discerning eye. So when Ben Harmon cross-bred the two… Oh, the humanity! Would another font hybrid induce such horror? …But it’s kinda funny at the same time too, isn’t it? For those who are wondering, no this is not a joke. […]

Mar 15, 2015  •  In Art/Design, Fonts, Geek, Web

CSS Sans: A Typeface Made Purely of CSS

Yusuke Sugomori, who describes himself as a “creative technologist,” has created a project called CSS Sans — a font collection that is created purely from CSS. A cool feature of the webpage is that as you mouse over a particular CSS class, the portion of the font for which it is responsible gets highlighted: Are there […]

Jan 17, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Books, Fonts, Geek

Word as Image

I am loving the Word as Image project and the accompanying book. Started 20 years ago as an assignment in typography class in art school, Ji Lee creates images out of words by contorting the letters that form the word itself. Anyone can create a word as image. It doesn’t require any design or drawing skills. […]