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Spring Break in New Orleans

We just returned from five glorious days in New Orleans! I have always wanted to visit the city and finally decided to go for it by combining the girls’ spring break and J and my anniversary trip. J and I are too old to participate in the raucous activities that one usually associates with NOLA, […]

Jun 3, 2017  •  In Food, Home, Parenting, Personal

Jenny the Cook

I used to love cooking. I was pretty damn good at it too. (If you haven’t visited my profile yet, yes it’s true that I make the best 갈비찜 — galbijiim, or Korean braised short ribs — in the world and anyone who’s tasted it will attest to it. People have even suggested that I open […]

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I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Blogger

Harro there! Remember me? I’ve decided to ease back to this blogging thing with a contrived post that crams my life within the last month through pictures (many which my Facebook friends and/or Instagram followers have already seen) and captions. Can you believe it’s already been 3 weeks since Christmas? We kept it low-key again this year with […]

Nov 27, 2014  •  In Art/Design, Food

How Famous Artists Would Arrange Their Thanksgiving Plates

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday, I’d like to share with you a series of photographs by Hannah Rothstein. Each picture depicts theatrical plate stylings from some of the most recognizable names in art. I’m a bit bummed that my two favorite artists (Modigliani and Kandinsky) weren’t included, but I gotta admit that each arrangement […]

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More Products I’ve Been Diggin’

You know me — whenever I come across an item that enriches my life, I want to tell everyone about it! So here it is: five more products I’ve been enjoying lately. 1. Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream I’ve been reading (and seeing great before-and-after photos) of this cream online, so I decided to […]

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“Manga Plates” by Mika Tsutai

Who says playing with your food can’t be fun? You may also like: How Famous Artists Would Arrange Their Thanksgiving Plates OMGz I Want This Book Photography, Sushi, and Arrangement Pr0n Video Game Characters Reinvented as Traditional Japanese Woodblock Prints

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Miss Me Yet?

On my way back from Montréal, I was detained at the U.S.-Canadian border for the transportation of contraband items across international lines. I was subjected to a full-body search, a background check, and a lengthy interrogation. Eventually, my family was forced to contact the U.S. embassy to plead for my release. Just kidding. What really happened […]

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Photography, Sushi, and Arrangement Pr0n

Pictures from fashion & culinary expert Luxirare‘s sushi ritual. Mouth: salivating. Disposition for OCD: satisfied. Mind: blown. You may also like: How Famous Artists Would Arrange Their Thanksgiving Plates “Photoshop” in the 1930s “Manga Plates” by Mika Tsutai Disney Princesses Meet Haute Couture

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The Hidden Meaning Behind Peeling an Apple

When I was a little girl still living in Korea, I overheard that a good “test” to conduct on a future daughter-in-law is to have her peel an apple for you. If she is able to peel the apple so that the skin remains in one piece, this indicates that she is not only adept […]

Jun 6, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Food

Stately Sandwiches

Here’s one for all the foodies — as well as those who have deep connections to their home states. The Stately Sandwiches Project, started by design student Kelly Pratt, seeks to choose a sandwich that represents each of the 50 states. It will be quite a delicious journey across the US. Before I make each […]