Apr 16, 2017  •  In Apple, Blogging, Personal, Relationships

More Technical Issues…

The good news is that I got my laptop back. Not only had Apple replaced my battery, they had also installed a new logic board, so my computer was running like new again.  🙂  The bad news is, this only lasted a few days. It began with a 1px-wide red vertical line along the right […]

Apr 5, 2017  •  In Aerin, Apple, Blogging, Gadgets, Geek, Personal

Power Issues

It’s been three days since I promised to blog regularly again. But have I written anything? No. You probably thought I disappeared again, didn’t you? I actually have a good reason for not writing… My laptop’s battery life has been less than stellar lately, so I took it into the local Apple Store. It’s never […]

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If NFL Quarterbacks Were Mobile Phones…

This weekend will determine who goes to Super Bowl XLVII. Two teams will begin to ready themselves for one of the biggest games they will ever play, while the remaining two will go home crestfallen and utterly disappointed (so close, yet so far…). Y’all know who I’ll be rooting for — what about you?  In honor […]

Dec 8, 2011  •  In Apple, Funny, Gadgets, Geek

Siri Now Tries Too Hard to Help People Get Abortions

Regardless of your stance on abortion, you can’t deny that these mock-ups, created in response to the reports of the iPhone 4S digital assistant’s inability to find abortion clinics, are pretty damn funny. 🙂 Via Happy Place. You may also like: If NFL Quarterbacks Were Mobile Phones… Conan’s Honest iPad 2 Promotional Video Power Issues […]

Nov 4, 2011  •  In Apple, Gadgets, Geek, Guest Posts

Guest Post: I’m a Mac. No, a P.C. Neither? Both?

The following post comes from Nodakademic, a blogger-wife-student-professional (yeah, I don’t know how she does it all either) who resides in the chilly state of North Dakota. I really enjoy her blog and I think that we can be friends in real life if we didn’t live so far apart. Isn’t it funny how blogging can help […]

Oct 6, 2011  •  In Apple, Geek, Personal

Eternal Flame

I remember that the first computer I ever used was a Mac. I remember learning Photoshop on a Mac. I remember buying my first Mac. I remember lining up for Apple OS X “Panther,” and how this was the very first geek-related launch party I ever attended. I remember squealing like a little girl when […]

Aug 25, 2011  •  In Apple, Art/Design, Geek, Science

The Golden Ratio of Apple

I have no idea if the designer(s) of Apple’s famed logo had this in mind when at the drawing board, but considering Apple’s attention to detail, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was meticulously planned out. 🙂 Via I Love Charts. You may also like: How Do Computers Render Curves? [Video] Periodic Elements of Star […]

Aug 24, 2011  •  In Apple, Blogging, Geek, NYC, Personal

When I Am Granted an Evening Out Among Adults…

…blogging takes a back seat. For today, I met up with this lovely lady… To attend a fancy bloggers’ reception hosted by this tech company… Wherein we learned about a bunch of new products and ways to share media, met some cool people, grubbed on yummy catered food, and enjoyed an open bar (but only […]

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Conan’s Honest iPad 2 Promotional Video

As I’m sure the majority of my readers are already aware, last week the iPad 2 was announced with a flourish only reserved for Apple’s cult products. Despite the not-too-impressive advances from the original iPad (to me, thinning the profile and slapping two mediocre cameras to the device do not warrant a significant upgrade), thousands […]