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More Technical Issues…

The good news is that I got my laptop back. Not only had Apple replaced my battery, they had also installed a new logic board, so my computer was running like new again.  🙂 

The bad news is, this only lasted a few days.

It began with a 1px-wide red vertical line along the right side of my screen. Then the lines multiplied, in different colors. After some time, the entire screen started flickering, changing back and forth between solid colors and a series of vertical bands.

So I’m bringing my MacBook Pro into the Apple Store again tomorrow, and will probably be without my computer again for another week.

Despite my technical issues, J and I had a wonderful time in Montréal. Our hotel was perfection, the food we ate delectable, and although the weather forecast called for rain, we managed to avoid the blunt of it and even enjoyed beautiful, sunny spring weather as we walked around the city Saturday afternoon.

Don’t I look so relaxed?

As you have probably guessed by now, I’m writing this post on my phone. And with Aerin’s spring break taking place this week, I won’t have much time on my hands.

So with this harried update, I must bid adieu once more. I promise to be back more regularly once my laptop woes are fixed!

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