Oct 29, 2014  •  In Scary, Weird

Creepy Halloween Costumes from the Early 1900s

If you do a Google Image Search on “creepy halloween costumes from the early 1900s,” you’ll be in for a special treat. Not really. Because they really ARE damn scary. Especially the ones of children. Geez, how can kids be so creepy??! So don’t look below if you’re sensitive to nightmare-inducing images. You’ve been warned.

Oct 28, 2014  •  In Entertainment, Funny, Weird

20 Celebrities and Their Historical Doppelgangers

Granted, a couple of them are a stretch. But holy crap a lot of these celebrities look creepily like these historical figures! (And is it just me, or does Napoleon Bonaparte get a lot more attractive after being compared to Trent Reznor?) Christian Bale & A Civil War Soldier: Keanu Reeves & Paul Mounet: Michael Douglas & George […]

Jul 14, 2013  •  In Entertainment, Geek, Movies, Weird

The Pixar Theory

Internet nerd John Negroni has blown my mind. While the idea that all Pixar movies exist within the same universe isn’t entirely new, he has taken it a step further and postulated The Pixar Theory: a detailed proposition that all Pixar characters are part of the same universe, backed up by a believable timeline that […]

May 29, 2013  •  In Asian, Beauty, Personal, Weird

Immortalize Yourself with a Doll Clone

So apparently, getting a mini-me made of yourself is a thing in Japan. A company in Akihabara called Clone Factory urges women to preserve that special moment in life (e.g., your wedding day) with your own special Jibun-san [自分さん], which roughly translates to “Me.” The dolls are modeled after not only your face, but also your makeup, hair, and […]