Jun 7, 2014  •  In Random, Science

How Well Can You Read Others’ Emotions? [The Eye Test]

I can be awkward in social situations, but I like to think that I’m sensitive to people’s moods and emotions. So when I happened upon this “mind behind the eyes” test by University of Cambridge professor Simon Baron-Cohen, I expected myself to score well… And I did.  🙂  I got 33/36, which indicates that I am […]

Jan 23, 2013  •  In Blogging, Geek, Personal, Random

How a Key Works

You guys, it’s sooooo cold. And sooo windy. And with a kid who just recovered from a cold — right after I got sick, to boot — all I want to do is stay in bed under three layers of blankets and watch episodes of Suits (my latest obsession). Alas, the life of a SAHM does not […]

Nov 23, 2012  •  In Funny, Geek, Personal, Random, Weird

Because I’m Sure I Can’t Be the Only One

There are some things I find weird about myself (sometimes, in conjunction with others in my life) but I know there must be others out there who do the same…right? I occasionally weigh myself before and after pooping just to see if there’s a difference. (It’s never as much as I expect or hope.) Every few […]

Oct 12, 2011  •  In Asian, Funny, Korean, Personal, Random

When Toilet Paper is Not an Option

Admit it. We’ve all been there. Doing a #2 in a public/semi-public restroom, only to realize that — oh crap (literally) — there’s no toilet paper! What do you do? This is precisely the reason I try my best to have a pack of tissues in my bag at all times. But on the few […]

Sep 17, 2011  •  In Geek, Pregnancy, Random

9 Famous Sweaters

Earlier this week we saw a severe dip in temperature from the 80s to 50s — literally overnight. Fall is finally here! 😀 In celebration of our sweater weather, I present to you 9 famous sweaters from pop culture. Enjoy! Via Bit Rebels. P.S. — As much as I am grateful for the cool, crisp […]

Jun 13, 2011  •  In Movies, Random

Dirty Easter Egg in Harry Potter 3

Did you know that in the closing credits of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, you can see some mischief being managed on the Marauder’s Map? So it’s not nearly as bad as some of the Disney’s dirty easter eggs. But one can’t help but wonder what the owners of the footprints are up […]

Dec 13, 2010  •  In Personal, Photography, Random

Royal Engagement Photos

I must be living under a rock, because I only just discovered that Prince William is engaged to be married to his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton. Two official engagement pictures were released to the public over the weekend, and I have to say that I love the work of fashion photographer Mario Testino, who was chosen […]