Jun 7, 2014  •  In Random, Science

How Well Can You Read Others’ Emotions? [The Eye Test]

I can be awkward in social situations, but I like to think that I’m sensitive to people’s moods and emotions. So when I happened upon this “mind behind the eyes” test by University of Cambridge professor Simon Baron-Cohen, I expected myself to score well… And I did.   I got 33/36, which indicates that I am “quite […]

Jan 23, 2013  •  In Blogging, Geek, Personal, Random

How a Key Works

You guys, it’s sooooo cold. And sooo windy. And with a kid who just recovered from a cold — right after I got sick, to boot — all I want to do is stay in bed under three layers of blankets and watch episodes of Suits (my latest obsession). Alas, the life of a SAHM does not […]

Nov 23, 2012  •  In Funny, Geek, Personal, Random, Weird

Because I’m Sure I Can’t Be the Only One

There are some things I find weird about myself (sometimes, in conjunction with others in my life) but I know there must be others out there who do the same…right? I occasionally weigh myself before and after pooping just to see if there’s a difference. (It’s never as much as I expect or hope.) Every few […]