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Have you watched season 6 of Black Mirror yet? The first episode is titled “Joan is Awful” and it stars Annie Murphy as Joan, who discovers a Streamberry (a streaming service that is eerily similar to Netflix) show called “Joan is Awful” (starring Salma Hayek!) based on her life.

Well, Netflix has now released a promotional site that lets you “sign up” to Streamberry, take or upload a picture, and voilà! You are greeted with your own “____ is Awful” show.

You can even download a digital image advertising your show:

Kudos on a clever way to promote what is probably the most talked-about show of the new season! (Just a heads up, though…if you decide to use this site, your uploaded picture may be used to promote the show/website.)

Try your own version at https://youareawful.com/

P.S. — My favorite episode of this season was “Loch Henry.” It had horror, it had grit, it had gore, and it was completely believable. Which was your favorite of this season?

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