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Comang – Geek in Heels
Jul 5, 2012  •  In Claire, Comang, Personal

An Update on Comang

Four months ago, J and I made the difficult decision to give away Comang. If you can recall, I had found a very nice family to take him in and give him a loving home. I am happy to say that they have continued to send me updates and pictures, and still thank us profusely […]

Mar 16, 2012  •  In Comang, Personal

Goodbye, Comang

This is one of the most difficult posts I have ever written… After much consideration and thought, we have decided to give away Comang, our beloved shih-tzu. When I first became pregnant with Claire, I swore to myself that I would never become “one of those people” that give away their dogs after having children. […]

Aug 29, 2011  •  In Claire, Comang, Cute, Funny, Personal

Sharing is Caring

My cousin told me that when her daughter first entered preschool, and her teachers were attempting to teach her the concept of “sharing is caring,” she began to use it for her own advantage. In other words, whenever she saw another child playing with a toy she liked, she would march on over, tell the […]

Jul 12, 2011  •  In Baby, Comang, Funny

Sleeping Dog

I guess today is a doggy post day! I have to say that I completely sympathize with the dog’s owner…and I’m sure I will empathize even more after BebeDeux is born. (Comang feels the same way too. When Claire is being especially loud or obnoxious, he will let out a big sigh and go into our room […]

Jul 12, 2011  •  In Comang, Home

Eye Boogers on Our Walls!

Meet Comang. An old picture of our shih-tzu, before (like my husband likes to say)his “manhood was taken away” He may never pee or poop in the house. But he likes to leave his mark in other ways. How? By smearing his eye boogers all over our walls and moldings. I present to you exhibits […]