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An Update on Comang

Four months ago, J and I made the difficult decision to give away Comang.

If you can recall, I had found a very nice family to take him in and give him a loving home. I am happy to say that they have continued to send me updates and pictures, and still thank us profusely for choosing them to be his new family.

From the many emails and texts I have received, it is apparent that they absolutely adore Comang. With three boys in the house, I know that he is getting all the attention he deserves (and perhaps even more). He also seems to have lost the weight that he had gained in the past year — obviously, life in the suburbs agrees with him!

Comang’s new family took a trip to Philadelphia for Memorial Day weekend, and they brought him along! When they sent me this picture of him checking out the view from their room at the Hyatt, I joked to J that Comang is living a more comfortable life than us. (But then again, he had it pretty good here too. 😉 )

Do I miss Comang? Absolutely. I think of him every day and wonder what he may be up to at that particular moment. I especially miss him when I see Claire with my sister’s dog Dante. Like most kids, Claire LOVES animals and she has a special fondness for dogs — she tries to run to them even when they’re viciously barking and scaring the pants off of me. She has learned to give Dante commands for treats and loves to tag along on his walks.

Perhaps our family will adopt another dog (or two) down the road, when the girls are older and we are living in a larger home. However, I can’t help but be doubtful that we will find another dog as lovable and well-behaved as Comang. I teared up last night as I listened to the fireworks booming outside — I was thinking back to past Independence Days, when the sound of the fireworks would terrify him and he would run to be by my side.

But I know that we made the right decision. His comfort and happiness matters more than my nostalgia. I know that his new family is able to give him the life we were not able to provide for him, and for that I am happy.

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2 Responses to “An Update on Comang”

  1. Mina says:

    so glad to hear that he is doing well! that must make your heart happy, although of course i know you miss him terribly.

  2. Fiona says:

    Reading all your entry about Comang bring tears to my eye. I can understand how difficult it is for you. I will be in a much more terrible breakdown if it’s me. You will get to find another pet in the future 🙂

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