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Then & Now: The Real-Life Values of Monopoly Properties

Does everyone who plays the classic boardgame Monopoly know that its properties are based on actual streets in or near Atlantic City, NJ? And since the game was conceived in the early 20th century, the property values must have changed drastically, no?

This was the rationale behind Movoto Real Estate, who took it upon themselves to revisit the properties that make up Monopoly and re-create the board with the current real estate prices:

(Note: Movoto has removed two zeroes from the current values on the board. Oriental Avenue’s $2,800, for example, means homes are selling for $280,000. A “???” means there are no homes for sale on that street.)

It’s interesting to see that Park Place no longer exists — in its place now stands the entrance to Bally’s Casino. Boardwalk is a lot more affordable than most would initially think; the most expensive property that is currently listed is a condo unit for $669,000 (the price for a decent 1-bedroom in NYC).

On the other hand, Baltic Avenue, the second-lowest priced property on the game, has fared extremely well through the years, while Marvin Gardens is now home to upscale properties in the $1M+ range.

Head on over to Movoto to learn more about the properties that make up Monopoly!


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