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The Pedestrian’s Guide to US Cities

I’ve been to every city on this chart with the exception of New Orleans…and I have to say that it’s true! Passerbys gawked at me in horror when I attempted to jaywalk in Seattle, DC crosswalks can get confusing, and my LA friends drive everywhere. Don’t even get me started on NY.



Via Bit Rebels.

P.S. — did you know that in Korea, cars — not pedestrians — have the right of way?

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2 Responses to “The Pedestrian’s Guide to US Cities”

  1. Haha! This is too funny. I remember a few months ago, when I was in Singapore – I was waiting at a crosswalk with crowds of people on either side, waiting to cross. There were CLEARLY no cars coming, so I (being a New Yorker and used to crossing every which way) started crossing. I sensed that no one was with me, so I turned around and sure enough – about 30 people were watching me cross. Alone. I literally backed myself up sheepishly and waited for the light to change.

  2. kimmie says:

    hahah! That is so accurate.. especially about Seattle. I would never dare to jay-walk! and I once went to court over a jaywalking ticket.

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