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J.J. Abrams Personally Solves Kid’s Algebra Problem

Last week, a (rightfully) proud father’s Facebook post went viral as he shared his 8th grade son’s homework. The assignment? To create an algebraic expression into a word problem. And his son Cody’s answer (with no help from his parents)? In case you’re having trouble reading the above, it says: J.J. Abrams is making Star Wars […]

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Summer Camp

Claire and Aerin are now halfway through their first summer camp experience.   The camp is run by Claire’s Montessori school; it is set during the hours that would otherwise be taken up by classes during the school year. And while the school continues to run educational programs and activities at camp, these summertime sessions tend to be less structured with […]

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Why Chinese is Hard

Most of my readers know that we have been teaching Claire three languages since she was born. And at this point, at 16 months of age, she understands Cantonese Chinese the best, and more than half the words she speaks are Cantonese. I have no problem with this. I believe that Chinese — regardless of […]

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The Asian Grading System

Atypical of Asian parents, mine weren’t too strict about grades growing up. In fact, they bribed us — we would get $20 for every A on our report card! (And yes, even A-‘s counted.) So whenever I got straight A‘s, my wallet would be fuller by $120. Not bad at all when you’re a kid. What […]

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How to Find Kentucky on the Map

When I was in 3rd grade, I became the first person in my class to memorize all the states and their capitals in alphabetical order. I was also the first to correctly identify each state on a map of the United States. Sadly, that was the peak of my geographical knowledge. I can now only correctly […]