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The Asian Grading System

Atypical of Asian parents, mine weren’t too strict about grades growing up. In fact, they bribed us — we would get $20 for every A on our report card! (And yes, even A-‘s counted.) So whenever I got straight A‘s, my wallet would be fuller by $120. Not bad at all when you’re a kid.

What about you? Did your parents offer any enticements for good grades?

Via 9GAG.

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10 Responses to “The Asian Grading System”

  1. Hahaha. I saw this spread a while ago and I got a kick out of it. My parents weren’t super strict per se (I don’t think they were, they just “expected” A’s, but I don’t actually know what would have happened if I didn’t bring home As. Probably nothing), but I did put a lot of pressure on myself! Have you seen all of them?

  2. Allison says:

    My parents were very strict when I was in grade school but gradually loosened their stance about grades as long as I stayed in the honor roll/ dean’s list.

    I was already a bookworm as a child so my they bribed me with Sweet Valley Kids and Goosebumps novels (and later, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and the Babysitters’ Club!) I got one book for every perfect exam. Needless to say I studied very hard to fill my book shelf. 🙂

  3. My only enticement was just wanting to see my report card filled with A’s.

    My parents were more of the: Oh don’t worry about studying so much. Go out and play. BE A KID!…… types

    But my siblings and I were always trying to just be perfect

  4. Nodakademic says:

    I’m not Asian, but grades were really important for my folks too. I wasn’t necessarily rewarded, but things were taken away if I didn’t get good grades. Everything was a privilege, and good grades (and good behavior) was how privileges were kept (or earned).

  5. My parents didn’t reward me, they just expected the “A”. If I had less, they expected an explanation.

  6. Lauren says:

    My parents gave us money for each A too! It wasn’t a big amount, but it was a nice little motivator.

  7. raggedy-anne says:

    my parents bribed me too! 20 bucks per A. but if there’s a B anywhere though, the whole deals off. it’s all As or nothing 🙁 i got them good for about 3 years though ;D

  8. Stephanie D says:

    I never got any money or anything, but I had a friend who’s parents bought her a brand new mustang when she got all A’s her senior year. We were all floored!

  9. . says:

    I was born and raised here, so my parents didn’t really have impossibly high expectations for me (unusual for asian parents). Oh well, I guess they knew my potential.

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