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When Toilet Paper is Not an Option

Admit it. We’ve all been there. Doing a #2 in a public/semi-public restroom, only to realize that — oh crap (literally) — there’s no toilet paper!

What do you do?

This is precisely the reason I try my best to have a pack of tissues in my bag at all times. But on the few occasions I didn’t, I have waited until the bathroom was empty, loosely pulled up my lower pieces of clothing so that nothing was touching my skin, waddled over to the next stall and helped myself to some toilet paper from there.

I have never asked a stranger to pass me some toilet paper (although I have been asked several times over the years).

But what if it’s a one-person bathroom? And there are no other stalls? And for once, you are wishing the restaurant/office/store/etc is not trying to be eco-friendly by installing hand dryers with no paper towels in sight?

THEN what do you do?

This was actually a question posed by a then-popular Korean drama called 내 이름은 김삼순 (“My Name is Kim Sam Soon,” or “My Lovely Sam Soon”) which aired in 2005. I remember catching a few episodes back then, and re-discovered it on Hulu just recently. (Did you even know there’s a Korean drama section on Hulu? I didn’t!)

According to the main character, Sam Soon, how one reacts in this situation depends on his/her bloodtype (like Japan, Korea is big on blood typing):

  • Type A’s would wait for help.
  • Type B’s would utilize the two finger method (use your imagination).
  • Type AB’s would scrounge for used toilet paper.
  • Type O’s would just wipe later.

Sam Soon actually has a more practical method than the four outlined above: she would use her socks!

My blood type is O, but I personally wouldn’t choose to wipe later. Can you guess what I have would do? 😛

What about you? What would you do, and is it consistent with your blood type?

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9 Responses to “When Toilet Paper is Not an Option”

  1. Angela says:

    Ok this happened to me when I was in China… I desperately had to go, and found a public restroom that consisted of one of those HOLE squatty potties. In China, most places don’t provide toilet paper… you’re supposed to have your own on hand! Well.. I didn’t… so I improvised. I took off my underwear and used it as my toilet paper then threw it away and went commando for the rest of the day until I got back to my place.

  2. Rhey says:

    I’m type A, but in a single bathroom, how are you waiting for help? If someone knocks on the door are you planning on yelling for them to bring you some? Good luck with that. It’s all about making do with what’s on hand.

  3. This just happened to someone I know (ahem, hubs). Grab the disposable toilet seat covers, if available!

  4. Suzan says:

    Thanks for the info about the Korean drama section on Hulu! I actually bought “My Lovely Samsoon” for over $100 several years ago … ugh.

  5. Amanda says:

    I’m with Angela – I’d use my underwear and go commando!

  6. Catherine says:

    And this is why I always, ALWAYS check for TP before going to the bathroom. ALWAYS.

  7. Morgan says:

    Ewww, and also LOL!

    If I don’t have a pack of tissues in my purse, I always have a small pad of paper in there that could work in a pinch! Luckily I’ve never had to deal with this scenario (although I know I just jinxed myself by writing that!).

  8. eemusings says:

    I do the same – hop my way into the next stall to grab some. Hence, I usually check the dispenser before sitting down. I almost always have a pad of paper with me (it’s the job) although I can’t imagine ever wiping with that stuff…

  9. Chris says:

    Haha this happened to me once in school and so i ripped a couple pages from my notebook, crumpled them in order to make it softer, then voila!

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