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Links, Links, and More Links!

Okay, so I lied. There is just too much stuff for me to share with individual posts. As a result, I’ve decided to pay an homage to my Thursday Geek-isms days and dump these links on you with one big swoop. Enjoy! Far Side reenactments, Boing Boing. The Far Side used to be one of […]

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Thursday Geek-isms

A friend asked me why I haven’t written about the T-Mobile G1 or the Google Android yet. I actually have many thoughts on it. However, I’m bitter. Why so bitter, you ask? Because J, the big Google man, has had one for a while now, but forbid me to write anything about it. Then, on […]

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Thur…I mean, FRIDAY Geek-isms

Once again, I am one day late in my Thursday Geek-isms post. Can it be that I completely forgot about it last night? Um, yeah… (Hangs head in shame) Forgive me, for I have sinned. But I had a good reason! I was distracted by a very legitimate cause. (Check my private blog for more […]

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Thursday Geek-isms

I had a pretty rough day today. So as soon as I came home, I slapped on my yellow rubber gloves and went Mr. Clean on the bathrooms. Perhaps I overdid the scrubbing, because my arms feel like spaghetti. Looking at Post-Boom NYC, Gothamist. According to Joel Kotkin, NYC is the ultimate trickle-down economy, with […]

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Thursday (Err…Friday) Geek-isms

As mentioned at the bottom of yesterday’s post, I was away all day yesterday at a showcase for work…then I drank two beers and got sick. Weak sauce! I humbly apologize and will do my very best to make it up to you. The Woman Who Stuck Out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, mental_floss. I’m […]

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Thursday Geek-isms

Today was a great day. I started the day by buying tickets to the Knicks opening game against Miami (considering the numbers from Miami last season, my boys better start this season 1-0!). I plan on attending more Knicks game this season…heck I work practically on top of the Garden – I might as well […]

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Thursday Geek-isms (A Day Late)

I have a good reason for not posting yesterday – I felt like utter crappola! I stayed home from work and slept and slept and slept… I ♥ TwitterKeys, TechCrunch. Whenever there is a special character I want to use, I have to browse on over to a separate site to copy and paste. That’s why I love […]

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Thursday Geek-isms

Last night, while walking in SoHo, I noticed twin, parallel spotlights glowing just south of us. Being the idiot that I am, I asked, “Ooh, what’s going on over there? Is it a party? A premiere? Let’s go check it out!” You may now commence throwing your stones at me. The city of New York is eerily solemn […]

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Thursday Geek-isms

Football season has officially started! Although I’ve always enjoyed the sport, I was never into it as much as basketball. However, this season I decided to join my first fantasy football league in order to get more exposure from the most popular sport in the US. J is overjoyed at the prospect as he is a football nut […]

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Thursday Geek-isms

While researching new and upcoming exhibitions for my museum post yesterday, I became frustrated, clicking through the various museums’ websites to find the latest and greatest exhibitions. “Isn’t there a blog for this?” I asked myself. The closest I found was Curator’s Choice, which (in my humble opion) was difficult to navigate and poorly designed. Should I […]