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Thursday Geek-isms

I had a pretty rough day today. So as soon as I came home, I slapped on my yellow rubber gloves and went Mr. Clean on the bathrooms. Perhaps I overdid the scrubbing, because my arms feel like spaghetti.

  1. Looking at Post-Boom NYC, Gothamist. According to Joel Kotkin, NYC is the ultimate trickle-down economy, with only a small percentage of the population driving the economy. It needs to model itself after other cities such as San Francisco or Chicago in order to save its middle class. Do you agree?
  2. Nerd library to end all nerd libraries, Boing Boing. I remember reading this in the latest issue of Wired and thinking, “Wow, I must blog about this.” Unfortunately, I was on the john when this epiphany hit me and hence it immediately proceeded to leave my mind once I flushed the toilet.
  3. On the Typography of “Mad Men”, mental_floss. Font nerds and fans of the fabulous show Mad Men unite!
  4. Scientists Find Gene That Makes You Good at Halo Also Makes You a Premature Ejaculator, Gizmodo. At the risk of sharing TMI (well I’m already guilty of that – see #2 above), I beg to differ.
  5. 5 Ways To Visualize The U.S. Elections, ReadWriteWeb. Charts, graphs, and colors galore! I’m too predictable.
  6. Why Don’t Economics Textbooks Focus on Financial Crises? Freakonomics. Economics was never my forte. To be more precise, I suck at economics…I remember pulling all-nighters for my Intro to Macro- and Microeconomics classes to only manage dismal Cs. After reading this article, I thought back to this painful period in my life and realized…he’s right! I can’t recall learning about previous financial crises even in my higher-level economics classes. If history is doomed to repeat itself, why do the most popular economics textbooks fail to mention such important events?
  7. Yep, We’re Screwed: National Debt Clock Runs Out of Numbers, Gizmodo. You’ve most likely heard this already, but I felt that it warrants a mention on this blog as well. Well isn’t that the pickle on the giant crap sandwich that has been this financial crisis!
  8. “Muji To Go” lands at JFK, Core77. Those darn Japanese! Isn’t there anything they can’t do better? Muji has always been a great source of inspiration and eye candy, and an entire store devoted to their travel products is just…well it’s a good thing it’s located all the way out in Jamaica, Queens! Just be warned that the next time you’re at JFK, you may see an Asian girl throwing a “Me! Want! NOW!” tantrum at the Muji store.
  9. Eli Manning’s Apartment, Curbed. There’s just something about a simple guy who chooses to reside in Hoboken when he can easily afford a penthouse in Manhattan. One who marries his college sweetheart. Oh, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he is a Superbowl MVP. Who knew that he was such a techie too?
  10. Apple Co-Founder Wozniak: The iPod Will Fail, Wired Gadget Lab. I like Woz, because he tells it like it is!
  11. Google Spreadsheets Get a Real Menu, Mashable! When I excitedly shared this news with J, he said, “Oh, I almost forgot the public didn’t have that. I’ve been using it for a while. Pretty sweet, huh?” Fine! I’ve been playing with a…super secret…thingamajig in my spare time so there!
  12. Nikon D90 unboxing and hands-on, Engadget. Sigh. You will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine.

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