Jan 6, 2012  •  In Finance, Personal

More Thoughts on Money, and Small Steps Forward

As stated in an earlier post, 2011 was not the best year — financially — for my family. This does not only apply to my parents. While J and I are by no means poor, we have been on a very tight budget. Yes, we were able to hire a part-time nanny for a few […]

The Big Red Bow Event

We’ve all seen the commercials. A doting spouse surprises his or her significant other with a brand new car for Christmas, complete with a big red bow on top. A screenshot from this year’s “A December to Remember Sales Event” commercial And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “Does anyone actually do that?” […]

Nov 23, 2011  •  In Career, Finance, Guest Posts

Guest Post: It’s the Economy, Ladies

Today we welcome back guest blogger Susan. I have always admired her professionalism and diplomatic approach to feminism, and this post certainly does not disappoint. What do you think? Do you believe the financial crisis may not have happened if women had been in charge? Do you think that women need to take a more […]

Oct 27, 2011  •  In Asian, Finance, NYC, Personal

Safe Deposit Boxes: The New Savings Method?

A few weeks ago I looked into procuring a larger safe deposit box to store our valuables and important documents, and I had a heckuva time finding one! All the bank branches within a 15-mile radius had waiting lists at least a year long. And the CitiBank in Chinatown where we had been guaranteed a […]

Jul 10, 2011  •  In Finance, Home, Information, Personal

What Costs More in 2011?

Living in an area with fairly good public transportation — in addition to having an infant who does not like car rides much — I hardly ever drive anymore. I even walk to the grocery store, pushing Claire in her stroller (thank goodness our stroller has a huge bottom compartment that fits 5-6 full grocery […]

Jun 22, 2011  •  In Art/Design, Finance, Infographics

The Secrets of the U.S. Dollar Bill

My X-Files loving, conspiracy-seeking, paranoid teenage self knew most of these. It felt good being reminded of all the symbols and imagery adorning our most-used piece of currency. Via Credit Sesame. You may also like: Translated TV Show Titles All the Dresses Worn by Every Best Actress Oscar Winner [On One Poster] A Visual Timeline […]