May 11, 2015  •  In Entertainment, Korean, Music, Personal

Let’s Get Some Kpop in Here!

Once upon a time (from the time I first got into Kpop as a teenager, and all through my twenties before popping out my fist kid at the age of 29), I used to stalk the top Kpop tunes on Naver Music and Mnet Chart every week. Before YouTube was a thing — yes, I’m that old […]

Jan 20, 2015  •  In Entertainment, Music, Reviews

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Thanks to the expansive trove of treasures offered by Netflix, I have been introduced to various cable shows I would have never watched otherwise. I’ve gone through almost all of USA Network’s original programming (some of the best cable shows out there!), and now I’ve moved onto Syfy TV with the likes of Z Nation and Haven. There […]

Aug 24, 2014  •  In Entertainment, Funny, Music

Pop Songs as Sonnets

(Sorry for the lack of updates this past week. We are officially in the 2-week period between summer camp and the start of school, and I’ve expectedly been really busy with the girls. Add to that little Aerin wanting to copy everything that her big sister does — including not taking naps — and I feel like […]

Mar 10, 2013  •  In Entertainment, Music, NYC, Reviews

StubHub: Fantastic Customer Service

This weekend is the last that J and I will have together before his parents return to China. We decided to take full advantage of this with a dinner & theater date last night — we were finally going to watch Wicked on Broadway! After a delicious dinner at Thalia, we made our way over to […]

Oct 29, 2011  •  In Entertainment, Funny, Music

The History of Rap, Part 3

If you’re in the middle of Snowtober 2011 like us, you’re probably taking it easy this Saturday night. And if you’re looking for something to occupy yourself — even if for just a few minutes, I’ve got just the thing for you. 🙂 Presenting The History of Rap, Part 3, starring Jimmy Fallon and Justin […]

Oct 15, 2011  •  In Gadgets, Geek, Music, Personal

Music Typewriter

I love typewriters. I have studied music since the age of 5. So how can I not fall in love with this Keaton Music Typewriter, which allows the user to type musical notes on blank sheet music? According to The Keaton Music Typewriter was first patented in 1936 (14 keys) by Robert H. Keaton from San […]

Feb 22, 2011  •  In Korean, Music, Personal

KPop is Now a Legitimate Global Force

SeoulBeats writes: There was a great story about Kpop and how it is becoming a legitimate global force in the music industry on Monocle, an hour long show about international news, culture, and design run by the same team that runs the magazine of the same name for Bloomberg.  Based in London, the show’s hosts talked to […]

Dec 1, 2010  •  In Funny, Geek, Music

Cosplay With My Heart

I know that Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” is one of the most overplayed songs of the year, but I love it all the same for the catchy tune and oh-so-sweet lyrics. When I see your face there’s not a thing I wouldn’t change‘Cause you’re amazing, just the way you areAnd when you […]

Sep 8, 2010  •  In Funny, Music, Twitter, Web

Justin Bieber Has Dedicated Servers at Twitter

Reading this post at Gizmodo made me LOL. But at the same time, I was a bit confused, because I thought that most teens were not into Twitter. I guess it only goes to show the immense popularity of the Biebs. P.S. — I still don’t really *get* Justin Bieber. Are any of my readers a […]