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KPop is Now a Legitimate Global Force

SeoulBeats writes:

There was a great story about Kpop and how it is becoming a legitimate global force in the music industry on Monocle, an hour long show about international news, culture, and design run by the same team that runs the magazine of the same name for Bloomberg.  Based in London, the show’s hosts talked to entertainment industry leaders about the impact that Kpop is making around the world utilizing the power of social media.  It’s definitely worth watching, check it out below.

I encourage anyone with an interest in KPop and/or Korean culture and its heavy foray into social media and the web (eg, it’s only via an online vote that Rain would win an MTV Movie Award) to watch this ~15 minute clip.

I only wish that the KPop implosion had occurred a decade or so earlier (mid 90s to the early 2000s) because I consider that period in time to be the golden age of KPop. While recent hits such as the Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” are catchy, they don’t hold a candle to the songs of earlier artists. And I know that I am not only reminiscing, because I have found plenty of teenagers who discover these earlier hits and openly admit that they are superior to the majority of today’s KPop tunes.

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