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Skincare Device Reviews: NuFACE, Light Salon, & Medicube

As a self-proclaimed geek, it’s a give-in that I incorporate technology into my skincare routine. There are three devices I have been rotating regularly, and they are: the NuFACE Trinity (with Eye and Lip Enhancer attachment), the Light Salon Boost LED Face Mask, and the Medicube Age-R Ussera Deep Shot.

The NuFACE Trinity is the one device where I can see an immediate effect upon use. The device sends microcurrents down to the muscles of the face to tone, lift, and contour, eventually reducing lines and wrinkles. I swear that when I do one half of my face, it looks more lifted than the other half!

I actually have the NuFACE Trinity with the Eye and Lip Enhancer attachment. The Eye and Lip Enhancer attachment can be used to deliver a more precise microcurrent around the mouth and eye area. I don’t have any lines or wrinkles around my mouth yet (knock on wood), but I have been using the attachment around my eyes. I can’t really tell if there’s much of a difference with the attachment because the microcurrent is weaker, but the Trinity device itself definitely works and with regular use, my face as a whole definitely looks more lifted!

The next device I want to talk about is the Light Salon Boost LED Face Mask. My sister generously gifted this for me for my 40th birthday because I had been looking to purchase a high quality LED face mask. I wanted to get a red light LED mask on the recommendation of Gothamista and chose this one from Light Salon, again, based on her recommendation. (See all about the benefits of LED light therapy in this very informative video by Gothamista here.)

830nm is the most effective effective wavelength for anti-aging and it is what is used in professional LED red light treatment therapy. This Light Salon mask uses a combination of 830nm near infra-red light and 633nm red light. (Most at-home anti-aging LED masks will only use 633nm red light.) I don’t know if using this mask has produced more collagen in my face, but I have noticed that blemishes heal faster and redness has reduced.

The last device I want to talk about is the Medicube Age-R Ussera Deep Shot. This is another device that is meant to stimulate collagen production within the skin. (You will see that there is a video of Tati endorsing this product on the product page. I swear I had this product on my wishlist before Tati reviewed it — I know Medicube to be a fairly reputable brand in Korea.)

I’ve had this product for only a couple of months (J gifted it to me for my birthday) so I can’t speak to its long term benefits yet. What I can say is that it feels divine to use — the warmth and ultrasonic frequencies just feel comforting on the skin. And my face just looks glowing afterwards. I’m still on the second lowest setting and I’m still building up to a higher setting so I may see more results then.

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