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New York Basketball Is Back

You see, I’ve been a Knicks fan since the 90s. I cried when we lost the Finals in 1999. I know we had a glimmer of hope with Melo (and we can’t forget Linsanity), but you can’t deny that being a Knicks fan in the past 20 years has been tough.

But two years ago, we finally made the Playoffs. Sure, we were knocked out in the first round. But the excitement was palpable. With Julius Randle, that year’s MIP, the Knicks were relevant again. And this year, with the acquisition of Jalen Brunson, we’re even better. And as of now, on March 6, 2023, we’re on a 9-game winning streak — the longest in the NBA. And people are taking notice.

Last night, Immanuel Quickley (pictured above) scored a career high 38 points in a 2OT win against Boston. The picture was taken during the second overtime during a game where he played an impressive 55 minutes — the most of any player this season. He should have been panting and sweating but there he is, skipping and laughing. This dude plays with such joy. And many are saying he’s a strong contender for this year’s Sixth Man of the Year.

The Knicks have been such a joke for so long that people still have a hard time taking them seriously. But I am so happy for them these days. As I read recently, they have gone from “lol Knicks” to “wtf Knicks.” And even non-Knicks fans agree that the NBA is better when the Knicks are playing well.

Do I think the Knicks will make it all the way? No. But they sure are playing some damn good basketball these days. And I’m sure they will make the Playoffs this year, perhaps even to the second round.

Bing Bong.

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