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Hënj: IKEA’s Instructions for Stonehenge

This year’s QI Annual includes an awesome cartoon by Justin Pollard, John Lloyd and Stevyn Colgan: IKEA’s instructions for the iconic prehistoric monument.

I love the caption at the bottom, which reads:

Important! Ensure all components are free from mud, dung and evil spirits before assembly. Wear appropriate safety equipment (spear, flint knife etc.) in the event of bears. Small parts are not included.

If plagued by demons or suffering from pestilence, seek advice from a druid before attempting assembly.

May contain quartz.

Also, it seems as though the crucial ingredients are a magician and some beer. Enjoy!

Via Flavorwire.

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2 Responses to “Hënj: IKEA’s Instructions for Stonehenge”

  1. Sarah S. says:

    Ha, I love it! Although, where are the aliens?

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