Mar 27, 2015  •  In Art/Design, Fonts, Funny

What Do You Get When You Combine the Two Most Hated Typefaces?

Comic Sans and Papyrus are probably the most hated typefaces among designers — heck, probably anyone with a discerning eye.

So when Ben Harmon cross-bred the two…


Oh, the humanity! Would another font hybrid induce such horror?

…But it’s kinda funny at the same time too, isn’t it? 😉



For those who are wondering, no this is not a joke. You can obtain it for yourself for a mere $5 right here.

I know you want to download it.

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One Response to “What Do You Get When You Combine the Two Most Hated Typefaces?”

  1. Ken says:

    Ugh. That despicable, deplorable and repulsive crossbred excuse of a typeface looks terrible to me as well. And I’m not even a designer.

    For anyone who wants to wast-… uh… spend money downloading this Comic Papyrus stuff, why not send the 5 bucks to me instead. I promise I’ll put it to good use. 🙂

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