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Music Typewriter

I love typewriters.

I have studied music since the age of 5.

So how can I not fall in love with this Keaton Music Typewriter, which allows the user to type musical notes on blank sheet music?

According to musicprintinghistory.org:

The Keaton Music Typewriter was first patented in 1936 (14 keys) by Robert H. Keaton from San Francisco, California. Another patent was taken out in 1953 (33 keys) which included improvements to the machine. The machine types on a sheet of paper lying flat under the typing mechanism. There are several Keaton music typewriters thought to be in existence in museums and private collections. It was marketed in the 1950s and sold for around $225. The typewriter made it easier for publishers, educators, and other musicians to produce music copies in quantity. Composers, however, preferred to write the music out by hand.

Too bad there are currently less than a dozen known to exist.

The good news is, if you have the money to spare, you can pick one up on Etsy for the low price of $6,000!

Via Neatorama.

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3 Responses to “Music Typewriter”

  1. Giedre says:

    Ha! That’s pretty spectacular! Not that I have about six thousand sitting around….but I’m lovin the photos of it. 🙂

  2. Bryan says:

    I love typewriters. I have studied music since the age of 5.

    Me too! This Keaton Music Typewriter is a magnificent invention. I love it very much!

    Typewriter Ribbon

  3. Good job! Recycling is indeed important to all mankind. By means of recycling, we can come up with something new!


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