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Thursday Geek-isms (A Day Late)

I have a good reason for not posting yesterday – I felt like utter crappola! I stayed home from work and slept and slept and slept…

  1. I ♥ TwitterKeys, TechCrunch. Whenever there is a special character I want to use, I have to browse on over to a separate site to copy and paste. That’s why I love this simple extension so much! Easy to install and use – simply fantabulous.
  2. Microsoft Confronts Apple’s Mockery Head On, Cult of Mac. I, like many others, didn’t *get* the Jerry Seinfeld ads. I think Microsoft is taking a step in the right direction, because the newer ads are more fresh, and personable. By poking fun at themselves and their perceived image (created by Apple), Microsoft is working with what they got!
  3. Website of the Day: What Google Knows, GeekSugar. Google knows all, including how to kill Chuck Norris. Hilarious site!
  4. NY state inserts RFIDs into licenses; citizens next?, Engadget. RFIDs are insecure! They can be hacked! Have they learned nothing?
  5. Cult of H&dM, Curbed. For a limited time, the picture of Mao on the back of 10 yuan notes will be replaced with the Bird Nest Stadium. That was the sound of Mao rolling over in his grave.
  6. Unofficial Google Chromium Now Available for Mac OS X, Linux, Gizmodo. I have Google Chrome installed on my PC at work and I’m really starting to like it! I miss it when I come home to my Mac and have been patiently awaiting its Mac version…but this isn’t it – it’s a workaround! Grr!
  7. An Unofficial Guide to Life as a Ref, Mental Floss Blog. I’ve always wondered about the secret lives of refs. How do they get there? How much do they make? What do they do in their spare time? Learn this, and more!
  8. In-Flight WiFi Just Perfect for Enjoying Porn, Gothamist. You can’t say no one ever saw it coming.
  9. 10 Ultimate Ghetto Gadget Creations, Gizmodo. Pure genius. Mine has to be the Hands-Free Cell Phone Kit. What’s yours?
  10. Lego Dr. Manhattan Reminds Us To Be Excited About Watchmen, Gizmodo. Sigh. I can never get tired of Lego re-creations of geeky scenes.
  11. Kevin Smith’s movie poster censored by MPAA, replaced with stick figures, Boing Boing. The new poster is hilarious – much better than the original! Just another example of making lemonade out of lemons while sticking it to the man at the same time – I *heart* Kevin Smith!
  12. Google Starts Shopping in Korea; Buys Blog Platform Maker TNC, Mashable! Will Google incorporate some of TNC’s features into Blogger? Or is it just after the high number of users?

P.S. – Martha was awesome! I’ll post pictures as soon as I get a chance.

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