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Live-Blogging from The Martha Stewart Show

8:56am – I’m inside the building! Please check back frequently for updates! (Filming will start at 10:30am)

9:32am – We’re seated! I have a pretty good seat – look for the girl with a red sweater and a MacBook Pro!

9:38am – I forgot my camera cable! Doh! I knew I forgot something! Boo….I’m an r-tard.

9.55:am – T-minus 5 minutes. I love the warmup guy!

10:10am – Martha’s on!

10:03am – I *heart* Darcy Miller! When they mentioned Bee Kim in the
audience she came up to take a picture with her. (Will post later)

10:04am – Damn, I want a G9!

10:06am – The creator of is here! We’re all getting a Cute Overload 2009 Calendar!

10:12am – Welcome Perez Hilton!!!

10:13am – Perez looks great! Like his new hair and kudos on the weight loss!

10:18am – Perez’s tips for new bloggers: (1) Find a niche; (2) Work hard; (3)Don’t be afraid to network.

10:21am – Welcome Matt Armendanz of!

10:24am – They should have Bee Kim up there – now gets over 3 million hits a month!

10:25am – Oooh cookies! Get in my belly!

10:30am – Up next: Eddie Ross of Top Design!

10:39am – Now: political blogging with Jonathan Martin and Ben Smith.

10:41am – OMG Martha called Sarah Palin “Sharon Palin”!

10:42am – Martha brings up the fact that McCain doesn’t even know
how to use a computer. She says she would feel weird having someone
like that as president.

10:47am – Welcome Margaret Roach!

10:52am – They seem to be promoting WordPress a lot. Martha’s blog even has a section on WordPress today.

10:54am – I’m sitting in the wrong section. I’m pretty near the
front, middle but I’ve only been on camera once for a very brief moment.

10:58am – OMG! We all get a wireless HP Printer!!!!!!!!

11;07am – Today’s show is done filming but they’re doing a future segment on hot dogs.

11:14am – J asked me why I don’t just take pictures with my phone
and upload them wirelessly. I can’t because we were instructed to turn
off our cell phones.

11:15am – This hot dog segment will air on Tuesday the 23rd.

11:19am – Mmmmm the hot dogs smell SOOOO good….

11:20am – Check out the live blog that Bee’s doing at Weddingbee.

11:22am – Martha’s scarfing down those dogs! Go Martha!

11:25am – There are so many times during this hot dog segment where
I want to yell, “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” but I’m restraining myself.  😉

11:28am – This hot dog segment is HILARIOUS. I’m trying so hard not to double over from laughter.

11:35am – They look like they’re about to puke from trying all these famous hot dogs from the tri-state area.

11:39am – That’s a wrap! Thanks for reading!

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