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Interactive Map of Average Breast Cup Size by Country

You can’t say that you didn’t see this one coming.

Last week I linked to an Interactive Map of Average Penis Length by Country. And today I present its female counterpart (click on map to view):

Once again the data is not too surprising. I was a bit taken back by the average U.S. breast cup size (which is a D, just in case you’re too lazy to click over), but it makes sense considering the country’s high obesity rate.

I should also say that this post is not meant to poke fun at, or objectify the sexes. I believe that both maps are neat representations of questions I’m sure everyone has wondered at one point in their lives. So please, don’t take offense (ahem, commenter “MISANDRY”) as I am but a purveyor of trivial data.  🙂

Via Geekologie.

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51 Responses to “Interactive Map of Average Breast Cup Size by Country”

  1. Yeah Right says:

    wrooooong! American women are small breast central,,,,just sayin’.Overweight? yes Big bust? no

  2. Scribbles says:

    Where did the researchers get their information for on this graph? I know that in NZ I’m on the larger size of average with an E cup – but I’m not THAT far from average. This 2006 article ( lists the average cup size as C and I would say that it would be a C-D average in 2011. Definitely not a B as the graph suggests – I have a group of close friends of all different shapes and sizes and none of us are as small-busted as that map would suggest.

    • The maker of the Average Penis Length graph updated his/her map with the source when it became popular. I (hopefully) assume that the maker of this map will too.

      • Carl says:

        This is not a real map. It was created by a racist, nationalistic German tabloid magazine called Bild. It’s nothing but lies and junk science.

        • fds says:

          unlikely, as the germans considered the russians subhuman in the 20th century. What about this map is offensive to you? You don’t like Caucasian women?

  3. Yeah Right says:

    Scribbles,thats because the penis and breast charts are most likely the brainchild of a liberal american white woman who has a bone to pick (aka feminist).Thus notice how american men are ranked near the bottom on the penis graph slightly above asian countries and american women are ranked near the top on the breast graph…go figure.

    • Carl says:

      No, it was created by a neoconservative magazine in Germany.

    • Kaitou says:

      Why do they have to be a feminist? People use feminist as a dirty word. But it’s not, people extrapolate info about all feminism from a few who are man haters and generally bitchy about anything that could even be mildly construed as sex prejudiced. But not all feminists are like that. I am a feminist. But I am not a man hater, i do not hate this map. Do not neccissarily agree with it either. But that there is also a penis map makes it better since most feminists are more interested in gender equality than seeing women as superior to men in any way.

  4. Yeah Right says:

    Geek in heels,the chart being a joke or not do you agree w/the asian part of the data or are they painting w/a broad brush? Stereotyping asians on both charts?

    • Re: the penis length, the maker of the map cites his source and it seems reputable enough. And the breast cup size? Most of my Asian girlfriends have A-cups, so it seems accurate as far as I can tell. (Besides, in Asia smaller chests are preferred as smaller chests = being skinny)

      • Miss Mojo says:

        I googled both average penis size by country and average breast size by country, out of the same curiosity I believe most people have, be them willing to admit it or not. After looking at several different pages and sites, the info on the chart Geek in Heels found (I also found the same charts)is very consistant. So unless angry white American feminists are creating all of these sites, it seems to be a pretty accurate map. And maybe some sterotypes are derived from truths…Asian diets consists of a lot of fish and white rice, which are not very fatty foods. As opposed to the Congo (largest penis size on average in the world @ 7.1″) where more fatty red meats are consumed. Just a thought…On a more personal note, my husband was searching these stats with me, and after some measurements on the spot, we have concluded that in his native country of Turkey, he’s of average height (five nine and a half) with a larger than average weenie (it’s personal, but seven even flacid). I think these are, for better or worse, stats that most normal people wonder about. I am also sad to see that my C sized boobs are smaller than average, although I felt it to be true before I ever looked it up.

      • Carl says:

        I’m sorry, but you shoulda investigated a little more. None of these maps are grounded in reality or use real scinece or stat. data to back up their claims.

  5. Yeah Right says:

    im sorry but there is NO way to tell what an average dingaling average (by a sample study and through suspect data) is and then try to break it down by nationality..if you believe that then i can’t help you.Its all bunk.A condom company awhile back tried to break p—s size down by state here in the U.S. awhile back—-FAIL.The gist was certain regions buying different condoms,but i call BS on all of it…sorry believe what you like.People who try to analyze this kinda stuff are chasing unicorns.

  6. Apparently Yeah Right isn’t happy with life, and feels the need to complain over penis charts. Or maybe is just really that upset about penis charts?!?

    I used to be between a B and C cup. Between going on two different birth control pills and gaining 15 pounds, I’m now a D. I’m hoping when I lose this weight I’ll go down to a C. It’s harder to find appropriate, well-fitting close when you’re a D, I think.

  7. stacey says:

    totally don’t see a problem with these maps… i love world average trivia stuff like this.

    however, i think it’s not as accurate/representative of genetic differences as the penis length one. cup size varies so much from diet and nutrition, at least in my experience… but i think it’s still really interesting.

  8. Guest says:

    This map is obviously for breast augmentation because naturally busty women are rare and far between the world over.

    • Di says:

      I’m sure it plays a part, but I’m a natural 32DD/DDD. I think there are more with natural big chests than you would think.

      • Scottie Ann says:

        Seriously Di? I wondered. When the hell did you get those! Lol

      • Guest says:

        Hi Di:

        I always love meeting other naturally busty girls like me so thanks for your reply 🙂

        I myself am a natural 34F and no, I am not fat as you can tell from my band size lol so you can see why I say people like me are far between. I am even chestier than overweight people. My training bra was a C cup as a kid, no joke. I guess I did a good job of hiding it until my mum noticed and got me fitted lol! They just kept growing! Now they are 34Fs. Oh, I am Nigerian by the way and I can tell you that I see a lot of natural D and DDs on slim Nigerian girls. I know this because most of us went to boarding school (from junior to senior high) and you see all the thousands of schoolmates developing before your very eyes before setting off to University. So yea, that map is very wrong on so many levels lol! I still think the average breast size of the human female is probably around a C cup. The distribution of the map just doesn’t make sense. I smell foul play in there and I am guessing that is due to breast augmentation and weight amongst other factors :).

      • Carl says:

        There were never actualy studies conducted. This map is a fraud, and too many people are falling for it.

  9. K says:

    A D cup? I’m totally bringing down the average. Thank goodness for wonder bras.

  10. Miranda says:

    I love if there is anything that a Conservative disagrees with, it must be the fault of “dem libbers”. Whatever. I think most Feminists have something better to do than obsess about cupsize.

    What I think would be interesting is to see a juxtaposition of average age and cup size and see of the whole getting bigger as you get older has any merit.

  11. Scottie Ann says:

    I’m a B.. And a small B at that.. I’ve always felt I was on the smaller side but I never thought that I was that much smaller than average. Course I don’t usually spend time looking at other women’s breasts and wonder what size they are. Now that I’ve read this, I’m sure I’m going to be awkwardly staring at other women’s boobs and wondering. Lol

  12. Guest says:

    How do they find this out? Like on the penis report it was measured or self reported. Where’s this evidence to this? I’m a 34D/DD in America and if I didn’t have boobs you’d think I was anorexic. Yes they’re all natural.

  13. Nina says:

    This can’t be right. Living in Norway, I’ve hardly seen anyone with bigger boobs than C-cup here. When I went to England, though, women there have a lot bigger boobs than back home, so this is really confusing.

  14. Mandy says:

    Hmmm…I have to agree that this seems a bit off, but not necessarily wrong. I think it would have been more accurate to base it on natural cup sizes vs. natural as well as augmented cup sizes. A D cup on average seems a little high to me, but perhaps its also because most women tend to wear the wrong bra size. It’s probably also because long ago I’d read that the average cup size was a B.

    Also, just because one is overweight doesn’t mean they have a larger cup size. Cup size is based upon the difference between the measurement of one’s band size and around the fullest part of the bust…an overweight girl will have a higher band size, but not necessarily a higher cup size. If you placed my sister and I side by side, you’d think she wears a large cup size because she’s heavier than I am…but she’s a 38C and I’m a 34D. However…when women put on weight they tend to gain it in their hips and breasts, so it’s not impossible either.

    However, working in the adult business, I wish someone would send this to the makers of lingerie…mid-quality lingerie tends to be made so tiny my 6 year old daughter couldn’t fit into it.

  15. Man Mike says:

    Hello, just wanted to say as a man, I love breasts of all shapes and sizes from A to however high they go. Natural and wonderfull.


  16. Yikes says:

    Stumbled across this – but African girls are supposed to be average A or B? Seriously? Who compiles this crap?

  17. Jody says:

    I call BS on this.

    I used to sell lingerie, as a part-time job while in university. Thankfulky, that taught me how to properly measure for bra size.

    A HUGE percentage of women are bigger thn a ‘D’ cup. Just because companies seem to want to force women into a 4″ range of bust sizes (‘A’ is 1″ bigger than band size, ‘B’ 2″, ‘C’ 3″, ‘D’ 4″, etc.). Whenever a bunch of women are acurately sized, invariably they’re a smaller band size and a larger cup size, than what they were previously wearing. For example, when I noticed a friend had bras that always rode up in-between her shoulder blades, I asked to measure her. She’d been wearing 34 B. She was actually a 28 D.

    Myself, I am a ‘G’ cup. (30 G) That doesn’t even make me abnormally huge, or anything. My band measurement is 29″. My bust measurement is 36″. That means, I could wear either a 28 G or H, or a 30 F or G. 30 G tends to be the best fit for me, from most bra manufacturers.

    Ironically, a recent random online post about geek bra designs led to every participant asking about sizing, because they expected them to have limited sizes. These were just random women who happened to be at that humor site and commented on that mage. ALL were over ‘D’ cup. (Sizes ranged from E to J.)

    So…having CORRECTLY measured countless women who are larger than a ‘D’ cup, I call BS on any bra sizing generalizations that only go up to ‘D’ (or suggest larger than ‘D’ is unusual.)

    • I think most people who read this know that the data is based on what was reported. 🙂 It’s not like the makers of the map went around measuring every woman’s bra sizes. Like all statistical data, it’s meant to be taken with a grain of salt.

  18. sj jl says:

    R u serious? I haven’t seen any girl with even C-size from East Europe & Scandinavian region. Researchers must have taken these samples from Breast Augmentation Center of respective countries.

  19. Rosie says:

    Well, no matter what women say about what is natural and what isn’t, plastic surgeons reported around 300,000 breast implants in the U.S. in 2013 and 2014. Those stats are going to affect population and bring up breast size averages regardless of how many “naturals” are out there.

  20. Cathy says:

    It’s getting that way everywhere with everybody now days. Breasts getting larger.Girls growing them earlier.In a way I’m surprised but then maybe I shouldn’t be. Breast sizes have always been an issue for me because I grew mine at 9. Somehow for some reason I’m kinda glad to see it happening but then I also feel sorry for early and oversize developers.Cathy

  21. Cathy says:

    Tits always was the issue with me at School and with the inlaws.One for being 38 size breasted when the rest of the girls in my class and at School were still flat chested. Two for being more busty than my former inlaws. Even my former mother inlaw said she was glad that she and the rest of the inlaws didn’t have big tits like I do. She even was glad to see that me and some of my female friends have larger bosoms than her and her inlaws.Cathy

    • cathy says:

      SO are you the one my friends mistake for me? I get the same subject with my friends that you had with your in laws. We have the same first name and apparently same breast size.LOL. I told my friends I;ve never bee married. I was worried I would have the same problem with my in laws that you had with your in laws Cathy

      • Cathy says:

        Yeah I think you’re right. You probably would’ve had the same relationships with your in laws that I had with mine. Cathy

  22. […] Map of Average Breast Cup Size by Country … [Click!]Mar 25, 2011 – I was a bit taken back by the average U.S. breast cup size (which is a D, […]

  23. […] Map of Average Breast Cup Size by Country … [Click!]Mar 25, 2011 – I was a bit taken back by the average U.S. breast cup size (which is a D, […]

  24. Lauren Andersen says:

    This is not a serious map, but clarly only for fun.

    If you want to really know how the Breast Size varies from one Country to Another there is Reaserch Data available. However, Bra Cup Size as such is not a Valid Parameter to use for Comparisons as Bra Cup Sizing varies a lot between Countries and Manufacturers. For any Comparative Purposes you need to look at Average Breast Volumes. In terms of Average Breast Tissue Volume U.S. Women (Caucasian) have the Highest Volume of All Female Populations in the World (1 668 ml).

  25. TheIntuition says:

    I must say, A-C are best for me.

    I noticed that the size increases with the amount of ‘GNI’ per country.
    It should be compared to Cancer rates as well… Curious.
    This could compare much actually, being that breasts are integral in humanity and all nature.

  26. cathy says:

    I have women who are older than me always tease me about being more busty than them. Many huggin me and squeazin me like my tits are for them to play with,LOL. Because of that, on the contrary to you, I am not sorry for women growing larger breasts and developing them earlier. I’m glad to see that they are growing tits an ealier age. Cathy

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