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Thursday Geek-isms

While researching new and upcoming exhibitions for my museum post yesterday, I became frustrated, clicking through the various museums’ websites to find the latest and greatest exhibitions.

“Isn’t there a blog for this?” I asked myself. The closest I found was Curator’s Choice, which (in my humble opion) was difficult to navigate and poorly designed.

Should I create my own? It’ll certainly give me an excuse to visit more museums. However, I’m not sure if my schedule could handle it, or if there will be an interest at all.

Just something to think about during my 4-day weekend. Yes, FOUR. My company decided to give us all an extra vacation day tomorrow, in anticipation of Monday’s Labor Day. Yay!

On to the links!

  1. Quick 10: 10 Words That Will Help You Win at Scrabble, Mental Floss Blog. As a Scrabble lover, I’m proud to say that there was only one word I didn’t know on the list: cwm, which is a valley created by glacial movement. How many do you know?
  2. Android to Get Its Own App Market, TechCrunch. This was one of the biggest tech announcements of the day, and people have been clamoring to call Android an iPhone copycat. The fact of the matter is, mobile app markets have been around for some time – the iPhone App Store is nothing new. However, I’m just a bit concerned at the malware that may be uploaded onto the all-apps-approved market. What do you think?
  3. BlackBerry Bold Review, Gizmodo. I’m more excited about the BB Bold than I was for the iPhone 3G. As expected, it received a great review and I would be preparing to order the phone come September…if it weren’t exclusive to AT&T. Why, mobile overlords, why?!?
  4. My Restaurant Update, Blog. I have been a long-time reader of Scott Adams’ blog, and I especially loved today’s post on the creative ways he is drawing customers to his restaurant. A Digg-like menu format? Game nights? Networking lunches? All great examples of thinking outside the box. Great job, Mr. Adams!
  5. 6 inspiring colour tools web designers should bookmark, Web Distortion. Self-explanatory, and great links! I *heart* color!
  6. Tiramolla Loft Bedrooms, Apartment Therapy. Turn a loft bed into a loft bedroom and you get…beauty. Spectacular! I love these designs!
  7. Thank God: Guitar Praise Offers Guitar Hero for Christians, Wired Gadget Lab. As soon as I saw this I asked J if we can get it. His response: “Only if they have Faith+1 songs.” Hehehe. My husband’s awesome.
  8. Science of Star Wars, Boing Boing. The world of Star Wars explained in physics! If they had taught this at school maybe I wouldn’t have gotten a miserable C in physics.
  9. North Korea claims to have invented anti-hunger noodles, Boing Boing. I’m not sure if I can believe that N. Korea invented “magic” noodles. After all, Kim Jong Il claims to have invented outer space and DVDs.
  10. Geek License Plates Show Just How Geeky the Road Can Get (Very), Gizmodo. I think I like the FFFFFF one the best.  😉
  11. Making The Call: The Greatest Year In Sports, Gothamist. I must admit that this year, so far, has been pretty dope for sports. The big upset in the Superbowl. The crazy comebacks during the NBA Finals. Records broken left and right at the Olympics. Do you agree?
  12. Lego Scenes Celebrate 2008 Olympic Summer Games with Star Wars Stormtroopers, Gizmodo. I think I got it. Get ahold of some Lego figures and recreate famous photographs, movies, or events. Generate tons of traffic to my site. Voila!

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