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Thursday Geek-isms

Football season has officially started! Although I’ve always enjoyed the sport, I was never into it as much as basketball. However, this season I decided to join my first fantasy football league in order to get more exposure from the most popular sport in the US.

J is overjoyed at the prospect as he is a football nut and joins multiple fantasy football leagues every year. He was genuinely happy, helping me with my draft and coaching me on the finer prospects of the online game.

He also has ulterior motives: he knows that due to my nature, I will research the subject like crazy, making multiple charts, graphs, and spreadsheets as I organize the information I have absorbed. “And you know that, as your husband, [albeit not legally] I am privy to this data,” he said with a smirk.

We’ll see, mister.

  1. Eraser with 28 Corners, TokyoMango. I used to be one of those wasteful children who would discard erasers as soon as they lost their corners. This design is ingenius. I wish I can research product design forever.
  2. Want Video Games To Appeal To Women? Make ‘Em Pink & More Child-Like, Jezebel. Am I the only one who finds this insulting? I enjoy complex video games, and yes, many of them are violent. I like it when men shout at the screen, because heck I do it too. What I dislike are pink, jewel-encrusted gaming hardware or men who expect me to watch them play and  “help spot snipers.” This panel is a disgrace to women gamers everywhere.
  3. Study: Musical improvisation shuts down your brain’s “overthinking”, Collision Detection. While I have been known to improvise once in a while, I do not particularly like it. I could never put my finger on the cause, but now I think I’ve figured it out. Many have told me over the years that I think too much…and I like to think. Is this the problem? Because the “overthinking” parts of my brain get shut down, leaving me feeling powerless and unproductive? Hmm…
  4. HOWTO dispose of murdered bodies, Boing Boing. I love Ask Metafilter. It’s one of my favorite time-wasters, filled with humor as well as practical advice and random information. Well, this featured question takes the cake. Too bad I knew most of the answers from watching too much CSI.
  5. A Profile of a Profile of Charlie Kaufman, Mental Floss Blog. My favorite magazine plus my favorite screenwriter. Need I say more?
  6. Daewoo Takes Room Divider into 21st Century: Digital Screens in the Screen, Gizmodo. As a person of Asian descent, I am very familiar with these screens/room dividers. In fact, my parents used to make them – my father the painting and assembly, my mother the embroidery. Although this is a pretty dope concept and looks nice, to boot, I like the originals better.
  7. 40 Creative Design Layouts: Getting Out Of The Box, Smashing Magazine. The thing about web design is that there are probably less than 5 original web layouts…and all the rest are variations of the original. These aren’t groundbraking, but still some great, “thinking out of the box” designs.
  8. Dr. Frankenstein’s Browser: The Strangely Obvious Ancestry of Google Chrome, Gizmodo. My Google reader was abuzz with article after article about Chrome, the new web browser from Google. I had trouble trying to decide which one to feature…then Gizmodo went and did it again by presenting an over-talked topic in a different way. (As a side note, I was quite angry that I found out about Chrome with the rest of the population. J defended his silence by asking, “Do you want me to get fired?” Hmmph. Fine, keep secrets from your pseudo-wife!)
  9. EARN: Helping Low-Wage Workers Learn to Save, Get Rich Slowly. There are many non-profit, financial education/assistance programs out there…but this was the first in years that really got me excited. While I have no use for the program, I can’t help but be hopeful for those who are eligible.
  10. Japanese wives wanting a divorce hire professional seducers, Boing Boing. In a nation where “irreconcilable differences” just don’t cut it, more “thinking out of the box” companies swoop in to cash in. Morally correct? No. Amusing read? Yes.
  11. Is Cuil Killing Websites? TechCrunch. Another step back for the company that marketed itself as the “Google Killer.” I’m starting to feel somewhat sorry for the guys.
  12. Knicks acquire F Patrick Ewing Jr., Yahoo Sports. Holy pressure Batman! Will the boy be able to live up to his father, or is he doomed to forever linger in his dad’s shadow? (And that’s quite a large shadow, indeed.)

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