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Links, Links, and More Links!

Okay, so I lied. There is just too much stuff for me to share with individual posts. As a result, I’ve decided to pay an homage to my Thursday Geek-isms days and dump these links on you with one big swoop. Enjoy!

  1. Far Side reenactments, Boing Boing. The Far Side used to be one of my favorite comics, and it was a sad day for millions nationwide when Gary Larson announced his retirement. Predictably, these photo reenactments do not have the same effect…however, they add a comical twist that is funny in themselves.
  2. Brand New: Best & Worst 2008, Brand New. This is a new blog I stumbled upon while researching corporate branding for a side project…and me rikey! Here is their round-up of the best and worst re-brandings of 2008.
  3. 5 Homeless Guys Who Accomplished Amazing Things, Cracked. Cracked is a satire site, and so obviously there is some offbeat humor thrown into this article. However, reading about guys “who, while sleeping on park benches and using newspapers as both blankets and undergarments, managed to make more of themselves than many of us ever will” is nothing short of inspiring, no?
  4. The Quattro 6000D: this ain’t your grandmomma’s sewing machine, Gizmodo. This baby deserves a picture nod:

    I’ve wanted to pick up a sewing machine since forever, and this isn’t helping at all!
  5. The World’s Most High-Tech Nation, ABC News Blog. This sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s not. It’s my own motherland, sucka! Now if only I can stop the envy…
  6. 50 Resources for Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics, KISSmetrics. Holy shat. Who knew you could use Analytics for SEO? A must-read for anyone publishing anything on the web.
  7. 2008: The Year the Geeks Took Over, Cracked. That’s right! We’re taking over! Puhahahaha…
  8. Little Girl Knows Her Video Game Characters, Geekologie. When I grow up I want to have a kid just like her.
  9. Regression Alert: I Need These Star Wars Stuffed Animals, Geek Sugar. Okay, this one deserves a picture too:

    The Darth looks a bit evil (as he should be) but the Chewy is too adorable. I wouldn’t mind snuggling up with him as I doze off to sleep!
  10. New Weapon Against Hippies: Wi-Fi, Gizmodo. I admit that I’m not sharing this as much for the article, but more for the accompanying picture. “Stupid beatnik hippies….die, hippies!”
  11. 20 websites that changed the world, TechRadar. Working on so many web projects, I cannot help but derive inspiration from articles such as these. Who knew that a coffee machine could be so revolutionary? Or that Amazon was a Web 2.0 company even before the term was coined? However, I must admit is that I was surprised to see Google omitted from the list.
  12. Now That’s a Tasty Website: The Bacon-izer, Geekologie. Just type http://bacolicio.us/ before any URL, and you can view any website with some sizzling, pig fat goodness.
  13. Screw heads demystified, MAKE. This should be printed and taped next to every toolbox in America.
  14. 30 Years of Star Wars Technology, Slashdot. Need I say more?

And, because this is too funny (and sad) to pass up…

Via haha.nu.

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