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Thur…I mean, FRIDAY Geek-isms

Once again, I am one day late in my Thursday Geek-isms post. Can it be that I completely forgot about it last night?

Um, yeah…

(Hangs head in shame)

Forgive me, for I have sinned.

But I had a good reason! I was distracted by a very legitimate cause. (Check my private blog for more info.)

On to the links!

  1. Attn, Satirist of the Spoiled of Wall Street: Bad Timing, Dude, NYTimes. Possibly the worst timing for a book release. Just one year (or even a few months) earlier may have made all the difference.
  2. Google Has a Remote Kill Switch For Android Apps, Gizmodo. This was the tech news du jour yesterday. Although the idea of a Big Brother always makes me uneasy, does a kill switch constitute as evil?
  3. Periodic table of branding, Logo Design Love. I’ve bookmarked the link and was saddened to see that you have to rollover each “element” to get its full description…because I wanted to print it so I can hang it up at the office! Yes, I’m a logo/branding dork.
  4. Masculine Insanity, Jezebel. Feminine Beauty really is a fascinating read, discussing (you guessed it) feminine beauty from biological and anatomical perspectives. I always knew that my facial features are more “handsome” than “pretty” – now I know how and why.
  5. Will the Neo-Depression Create a Drug Epidemic? Consumerist. Crime levels have already started to rise…will drug use increase as well?
  6. Today’s LA TImes cover: inspired juxtaposition? Boing Boing. No explanation needed. Just look at the image of the cover.
  7. The 6 Most Disastrous Uses of Work Email Ever, Cracked. I’ve heard of a couple of these before. Haha. Idiots!
  8. Candidate Supporters’ Use of Gadgets as Symbols Reveal Power of Brands, Wired Gadgets. Gadgets and brands. The power of brands. And humor. Read. Now.
  9. Long Overdue GPS Upgrade Could Save Airlines $10 Billion a Year, Gizmodo. Did you know that our current air trafficking system goes back to the WWII era? Dude. Maybe now they can stop charging for soda and water.
  10. Mail Puzzles by Harriet Russell, Neatorama. As much as I am a technophile, I still love a good, old-fashioned letter. This postal experient is ingenius…and I’m sure at least some postal workers had a good chuckle over them.
  11. What Idiots Are Running NBC? Perez Hilton. How can you host the most successful televised event of the summer, turn in $1 billion in revenue, and still lose money?
  12. Why print designers are not web designers, Webdistortion. Great point, and very well-written. I am very happy to say that I do web design and print design on a daily basis…and I fully understand the difference between the two!

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  1. Esther says:

    no. 10 is uber cool

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