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Because I’m Sure I Can’t Be the Only One

There are some things I find weird about myself (sometimes, in conjunction with others in my life) but I know there must be others out there who do the same…right?

  1. I occasionally weigh myself before and after pooping just to see if there’s a difference. (It’s never as much as I expect or hope.)
  2. Every few months, J will lie on top of me and “play dead.” I then try my darndest to try to get out from under him, just to see if I would be able to escape if he were ever to die or pass out on top of me.
  3. During a bawling session, I have run to a mirror to see if I can cry pretty like actors do in movies or television. (I can’t.)
  4. This is exactly how I sleep in the warmer months:

    …while the opposite is true in the cold (i.e., one leg out of the blanket).

  5. When I get really stressed out, I like to go through the clothes in my closet and look for wrinkled clothes to iron. I tell my friends that ironing relaxes me because it’s like I can smooth out the wrinkles in the fabric, while I can’t always smooth out the wrinkles in my life. But that’s not always the truth — because I’m not that deep a person. I just really like to iron.
  6. I pick at the skin around my thumbnails (oftentimes enough to draw blood) and I have for as long as I can remember. I’m surprised I’ve never gotten any infections from this nasty habit.
  7. When I recall a bad or embarrassing memory, I try to think of something I could have said to offset that awkward situation. And periodically, I will find myself saying this aloud. I guess it happens often enough that J no longer pays attention to it — he’s fully aware that I occasionally talk to myself.
  8. I relate all too well with the following Nerd Quirks:

Do you share with me any any of these eccentricities? Or do you possess other seemingly-strange peculiarities that you’re sure many others hold?

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12 Responses to “Because I’m Sure I Can’t Be the Only One”

  1. Fenhl says:

    6, 7, and #153. Others? Too many to list.

  2. LOL @ the “just right” sleeping arrangements. I’m the same way. I also relate to the incorrect pronunciations. 🙂

  3. Mochi and Macarons says:

    The sleeping — almost, I need a blanket on me. I do sleep with a pillow on my chest, however.

    I also compare prescriptions with friends and family, and I definitely love taking the train because of the relaxing atmosphere and the time to do everything I want while i am already being productive on a train!

  4. MrsW says:

    7 (always under my breath, compulsively… it’s weird), 240 (my sister-in-law and I tie for strongest!), and 153. The pre- and post- poop weighing thing makes me LOL, although it is with you, not at you! You sound like somebody that I would be friends with in real life. Oh, and my husband and sister-in-law both do the cuticle picking thing, it drives me crazy! My SIL ended up getting a cheap bracelet where the beads can move around the string, so she moves the beads rather than pick.

  5. Malisa says:

    My husband plays dead on me too! I laughed out loud and read that to my husband. So glad we’re not the only ones!

  6. If it makes you feel any better, I do #1, #4 and #8 as well.

    Also, I’m kinda known to go all OCD about things… I’ve been known to be called a fat Chinese Monica Gellar with geeky tendencies. ^__^;

  7. Sarah says:

    Ha, too funny! I love hearing people’s quirks!! : )

    Totally with you on 6 and 7 and the last two nerd quirks! : ) Except I HAVE given myself infections from my awful thumb cuticle habit : ( Not proud.

  8. Annie says:

    LOL I am definitely not like that at all but I love it!!! (LOVE YOU!)

  9. Carol says:

    HAHAH! OMGG these are soooo funny and I can’t believe you posted them. Props to you! I definitely have my share of things just like these — except I have Daniel grab hold of my wrists and I try to weasel out of them for practice, in case I get attacked. And the crying and looking in the mirror because you’re curious?? AMAZING.

  10. anks says:

    3,6, 7, 152, 153 and 172!

    nerds rock!

  11. Amy says:

    You definitely are NOT the only one. I’ve done a few of those nerd quirks myself. And the sleeping in the summer? Totally me…I have a tiny sliver of blanket and that is all I need. I get so irritated when my husband tries to nicely cover me with the entire blanket…too hot! How does he sleep like that?

  12. eemusings says:

    I’m embarrassed by how many words I don’t actually know how to pronounce, because I’ve only ever seen them on a page.

    LOL at the playing dead. T simply cannot put his full weight on me – he’s about 3 times my size and would literally crush me/suffocate me. Seriously, we’re borked if that ever happens – or if we have some kind of accident and I have to drag him to safety.

    The crying – I’m the opposite of you – I know I’m a Claire Danes x 1000 ugly crier so I avoid looking at myself for hours after.

    And I ALWAYS obsess over how I could have handled situations better. Stuff from a decade ago still haunts me

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