Jul 11, 2010  •  In Art/Design, Books, Fonts

Teaching Your Kids About Typography

What a great way to start your little ones on the basics of typography! Norwegian design house Studio 3 has created an activity book titled Hyperactivitypography which aims to teach children the ins-and-outs of typography through cute illustrations, games, and tons of useful facts… …even the evils of using Comic Sans! Unfortunately, the book is currently out of […]

Feb 6, 2010  •  In Fonts, Korean

An Alphabet for Korean-Americans

Suggu is a an alphabet mashup between Hangul (the Korean alphabet) and the Roman alphabet. This may not be that interesting to my non-Korean readers, but it’s fascinating to people like me who can read both Korean and English. Using the Roman alphabet’s consonants and Hangul’s vowels, Suggu produces some dazzling results, if I do […]

Oct 19, 2009  •  In Fonts, Funny

Comic Sans: The Most Hated Typeface in Existence?

Comic Sans. It comes bundled with every operating system. It is one of the most widely-recognized fonts since the dawn of the personal computer. But has there ever been a typeface more hated and ridiculed than Comic Sans? I think that the last time I saw Comic Sans in use was in an AIM conversation, […]

Aug 25, 2009  •  In Art/Design, Fonts, Web

MyFontbook: A Better Font Viewer

Remember how obsessive I am about my fonts? While I love my trusty “Fonts” document, it can be a PITA to constantly keep it updated. Today I read about MyFontbook – a FREE font viewer that organizes all your fonts (all 700+ of them in my case) in an easy-to-use web interface. What makes MyFontbook […]

Apr 7, 2008  •  In Art/Design, Fonts, Geek

Fonts & Web Design

In my last post, I talked about the power of a typeface and the impact it can have on your audience. Today, I will discuss the role and proper usage of fonts in web design. Let’s start with the basics. Fonts can be divided into two categories: serif and sans serif. To put it simply, serif […]

Apr 5, 2008  •  In Art/Design, Fonts, Geek, Logos/Branding

The Power of a Typeface

This week’s NYTimes had an interesting OpEd titled To the Letter Born, discussing the impact that branding, especially the typeface Gotham, may have on Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency. For this piece, Stephen Heller interviews a branding expert named Brian Collins who explains: …there’s an oxymoronic quality to Gotham, which is why I think it’s […]