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The Internet as Manhattan Neighborhoods

Amanda Peyton, the creator of geo-blogging site MessageParty, has designed a map of internet services based on Manhattan and its neighborhoods:

The reasoning behind each placement is as follows:

Twitter + Wall Street: Frenetic, Jumbled, Terse, but incredibly powerful

Foursquare + East Village: The roots of the service were in the EV and the best foursquare tips are still found here; bar-hopping, hypersocial, where-you-at mentality

Tumblr + West Village and Meatpacking: Coolness to a fault

Blog + Gramercy: I currently live in this neighborhood, so it was most fitting to place it there

Email + Chelsea and Times Square: Large, unmanageable, swelling, but ultimately the pulse of everything

Bnter + West Chelsea + Hell’s Kitchen: West Chelsea is the biggest up-and-comer neighborhood in lower Manhattan

Delicious + Midtown: Incredibly useful, but somewhat soulless (post-Yahoo) and unchanging

Facebook + Upper East Side: The center of the “establishment”

Quora + Upper West Side: Hyper-academic, hyper-artistic, hyper-self-reflective

Hacker News + Spanish Harlem: Steadfast, growing like a weed though few people notice, culture-rich but somewhat insulated

MessageParty + Washington Heights: Scrappy, and how could I miss an opportunity to post this video on my blog?

I would have asked which neighborhood(s) Google would match, but I think it would take up too much (oftentimes unnecessary) space.  ;-)

For more on the map, including the inspiration behind the design and where you can obtain your own, hit up Amanda Peyton’s blog.

Via Geekosystem.

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