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Snowtober 2011

This is the scene outside our window right now: They say that we should be expecting up to 5 inches of snow tonight. With just a few days to go until my due date, I am a tad bit worried, to say the least. I know five women whose due dates were within a week […]

Oct 27, 2011  •  In Asian, Finance, NYC, Personal

Safe Deposit Boxes: The New Savings Method?

A few weeks ago I looked into procuring a larger safe deposit box to store our valuables and important documents, and I had a heckuva time finding one! All the bank branches within a 15-mile radius had waiting lists at least a year long. And the CitiBank in Chinatown where we had been guaranteed a […]

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Celebrity Sightings and Meetings

I just finished watching the season premiere of Dexter and was surprised to see that Colin Hanks would be playing this season’s villain. Don’t get me wrong — I know that he is a great actor and would probably knock the role out of the park, but having met him in person, it is a bit […]

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September 11, 2011

Today I woke up and remembered how a decade ago, I saw smoke rising from lower Manhattan as I drove along the New Jersey Turnpike. I remembered how I, along with other drivers, stopped our cars and turned our radios on full blast while we stared in horror at another plane crashing into the second […]

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When I Am Granted an Evening Out Among Adults…

…blogging takes a back seat. For today, I met up with this lovely lady… To attend a fancy bloggers’ reception hosted by this tech company… Wherein we learned about a bunch of new products and ways to share media, met some cool people, grubbed on yummy catered food, and enjoyed an open bar (but only […]

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My Exciting Friday Night

Last night, I got to meet one of my all-time favorite authors. I also indulged in the best fried chicken in New York. And that was one of the most exciting things to have happened to this 6-months pregnant mother of a 9-month old in a very very long time. Sad, isn’t it? The rest […]

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The World Map of Useless Stereotypes

Admittedly, the map seems a bit centered around New York, but hey, it was created for the NYTimes Magazine! You may also like: Judgemental Subway Map of Manhattan What if the Family Circus Lived in Park Slope… The Internet as Manhattan Neighborhoods How Archer is Just Like Futurama

May 9, 2011  •  In Art/Design, Funny, NYC, Web

The Internet as Manhattan Neighborhoods

Amanda Peyton, the creator of geo-blogging site MessageParty, has designed a map of internet services based on Manhattan and its neighborhoods: The reasoning behind each placement is as follows: Twitter + Wall Street: Frenetic, Jumbled, Terse, but incredibly powerful Foursquare + East Village: The roots of the service were in the EV and the best […]